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Armand Joubert releases new single

Armand Joubert is a new upcoming artist and musician in the South African pop space. The talented singer has just released his second, highly-anticipated single, entitled ‘Sun Back’, through Universal Music South Africa. The single comes after the release of his previous two singles, ‘Should I’ in 2017 (which reached #1 on the 5FM Pop Charts) and ‘So Gone’ in February 2018 (which reached #1 on the Jacaranda SA Top 20).

I caught up with Armand to talk about his new music and future plans.

I’ve seen on your Instagram feed that you have been quite busy recently. What has been some of your personal highlights of 2018? 

Thank you so much for this interview. The most amazing highlights to me thus far has been releasing two singles this year, ‘So Gone’ and ‘Sun Back’ which both went to #1 on radio stations like 5FM & Jacaranda 94.2. I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to perform on Dancing With The Stars and also travel and perform all over our beautiful country. And then one of the biggest moments this year was when Hugh Jackman liked one of my videos on twitter of me singing ‘Never Enough’ from The Greatest Showman.

Oh wow! That’s amazing! So, besides being a musician, who is Armand Joubert? I’ve heard that you are also and actor and model? 

Besides being a singer/songwriter and musician, I like to focus on being the best human being I can be for people around me and to make life a bit easier for others. Yes, I also do work as a model and actor, although I’m still very new to the acting scene.

You’ve recently released a brand new single, ‘Sun Back’. It’s described as a “feel-good” song. Tell me about putting this track together and what you want listeners to take from it? 

I’m so proud of ‘Sun Back’. It’s definitely such a feel-good song. I went into the studio with co-writers Jannes Erasmus, Manana and then on production Noble Makes Songs. It was such an honour working with these gents. I couldn’t have asked for it to come out better than the way it is now. I had a lot of fun working with them. They know their craft so well.

You went in to a different direction with this song, compared to your previous singles, and have said that this is your best work yet. Do you think you’ve now found your ‘sound’? And why do you see this as your best work yet? 

The most important thing for me when it comes to my music, is to grow and to get better each time. So, every time I’m putting out something new, I work harder on it and try to make it the best I’ve ever done before. I always want to keep on growing and make my music better as I grow. I definitely think I found my sound, but there’s a lot more to come that my fans haven’t heard before.

Armand Joubert

Who, in the South African music industry, do you see as your major influences?

Aka, Lady Zamar, Shekinah, Timo ODV, Nasty C, Easy Freak, Craig Lucas and Jimmy Nevis.

So, where can we see you perform live in the coming weeks or months? 

I’m planning on a tour but I’ll be heading over to Cape Town in September for huge projects. My fans can check it out on my website www.armandjoubert.com for some show dates to come.

And where can we buy and listen to your music?

My music is available on all digital major platforms like Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube and many more:

Finally, what is your plans for the rest of 2018 and 2019?

My plans are to tour and make and release as much music as I can.

Buy / Stream SUN BACK here. 


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