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Majozi Music

New music from Majozi

Proudly South African musician, Majozi, has just released some brand new material! The new release features a brand new radio single entitled ‘Waiting’, as well as a second song, ‘Darling Pt. 2’. Both songs were written around two years ago. This is his first new music since the release of his debut album ‘Fire’ in 2016.

I caught up with him to talk about his new music and future plans:

You recently released new material after quite a long period. Why the wait of almost two years? 

I really wanted to make sure that I was doing something different, and something that pushed me creatively as an artist. So, there was a lot of learning. I was never really in too much of a rush and I always want to put my best foot forward.

And why did you decide on a two-song-release and not a full album yet?

My music is going in a new direction and we just wanted to bring people in on the journey rather than be like.. BAM!! Here’s the new vibe.

Oh right! So, how is your music different today than 2 years ago, with your debut album, and what inspired the change? 

I always like to push myself creatively, so I broadened my music taste, started learning how to play synth and keys, played around with a few different melodies and different writing styles, and really just enjoyed doing something different. The result is a more 80s and 90s inspired sound.

Majozi Music

Tell me about the single, Waiting. I read that you wrote it two years ago, but it has evolved quite a bit over time?

Ya, the song developed a lot over time. The foundation was based around some personal life experiences and then over time I added more creative license. Brad Klynsmith co wrote the song with me, added more structure and made the song make more sense, cuz sometimes me head can be everywhere, and Brad knows me pretty well so he understands my vision pretty well. I remember I had like 4 sentences for like a year and then I started  working with Brad, and from there it develop into a strong song.

And Darling Pt. 2 is a follow up of Darling. Why did you feel the need to write a follow up song and what are the two tracks about?

It was more just an experiment. I wanted to see firstly If I could write I convincing love song without out actually being in love, and I’ve always wanted to have Part 2s, and Part 3s of my songs as a fun interesting vibe. I’ve always enjoyed that from other artists.

Can we expect another full album soon?

Its on its way. We are working hard.

Majozi Music

Any exciting live performances coming up? 

I’m privileged enough to be playing around the country often. I can’t single out a show now but its best to check out my facebook page at

What’s next for you? What is in store for the rest of the year?  

I’m so excited to finish the album, release it and then perform for people. I really love the new songs and I’m excited for people to hear them.


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