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Our Last Night South Africa

Our Last Night Returns To South Africa

“We are super amped to be hosting the Our Last Night guys for round two. Let’s make this round bigger and better!” – Craig Atkinson

After a sold-out tour in early 2017, American post-hardcore band Our Last Night announced that they will be returning to South Africa during November 2018. The tour, consisting of three shows, is proudly brought to you by JamPacked Productions as part of their plan to raise a million rand for Rhino Conservation with a series of international tours.

I caught up with vocalist and guitarist Trevor Wentworth to talk about their upcoming tour to SA:

You are returning to South Africa in November! How did this realize and why did you decide to come back so soon?

Yes, we are. And we are very much looking forward to it too! The shows on our last tour were so crazy and we saw some serious potential in the SA market, we really wanted to try and come back for more shows. Seems like it was a good idea since the shows are already starting to sell out!

Awesome! So, last year you released your EP, “Selective Hearing”. After the success of it, what have you been busy with this year, and will you perhaps be working on a new album soon?

After Selective Hearing was released we did about 4 to 5 months of touring to promote the record. That alone takes up so much time. Other than that, we released a handful of covers and made a plan for the next upcoming year which we are VERY excited about and will fill everyone in very soon.

You did a pretty awesome cover of Selena Gomez’s “Back To You” with some of your fans. Tell me why you chose this song and what the experience was recording it.

Yeah, we had been wanting to cover the song for a while because we thought we were going to be able to make a cool version of it. After listening to our cover over and over we thought it would be perfect for the fan cover contest we launched. There were a lot of singing parts in the song so we were able to give each fan a pretty large chunk to sing. Our fans love it and I think it came out great. It was really fun recording and working with such talented people.

I can imagine! You are a fully independent band, putting in a lot of work… I mean, you’ve recorded 6 original albums! Why did you guys decide to go the route? And do you think you will stay independent in the future?

We were on a record label for about 7 years earlier in our career. It just wasnt for us. We didn’t like leaving the responsibilities and business of our own band and project in the hands of other people, who in the end don’t really care if your band succeeds or fails. We know what our bands needs, we know what our fans want. Ever since going completely DIY (No label, no management, no publicist) our band has grown 1000x bigger than we were when we were on a label.

Some artists need labels, some don’t. We are lucky enough to be able to succeed without a label.. So yes, we will stay independent here on out.

I see that you guys now have a Patreon account. What is this platform about and why should your fans join your page?

Patreon is our fan club that has different tiers you can choose from. The higher the membership/tier you get the more perks you receive from us. The tiers range from – Weekly livestreams, merch packs, your name in every YouTube video, Free OLN tickets forever and phone calls from the band. We use the money that we get from Patrons to put back into the band to help pay for things like – Music videos, camera gear, new employees like a studio assistant and many other things. After one month of launching we now have over 280 members. So crazy!

Our Last Night South Africa

Besides your shows, what are you most looking forward to doing in South Africa?

We love the sightseeing so much in South Africa. We look forward to spending some time with badass animals up in the bush and hanging out with some great friends.

If there is one song you can share with your South Africa fans to get them ready for your tour, which one will it be?

I will share two links! The first one is for our original song called ‘Tongue Tied’ which we released last year. Second one is a cover of 1-800 by Logic. Enjoy!

I see that your Cape Town show is already sold out! Can you give us a few hints about the setlist?

The setlist will consist of old songs, new songs and covers! Maybe some acoustic songs as well. Its a very diverse set and will be a fun and energetic time. See you all there!

It’s already November, this year is quickly running out. What are you still planning for 2018 and also for 2019?

Right now our focus is on gearing up for the European / South African tour and working on our new record which will be released early next year.


Our Last Night South African Tour Dates

FRI 09 NOV – Carfax / Newtown / Johannesburg

SAT 10 NOV – Platteland / Centurion / Pretoria

SAT 17 NOV – Mercury Live / Zonnebloem / Cape Town

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