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Sutherland releases new EP, Rainmaker

With a shared passion for unique and challenging composition, Joburg-based indie-pop band Sutherland combines simple, yet unusual structures with an acute focus on detail.

With a string of releases and commercial radio success on stations such as 5FM, Jacaranda and AlgoaFM, and performing live at some of South Africa’s top music festivals such as OppiKoppi, Lush Music Festival, Mieliepop and Pure & Crafted to name a few, Sutherland is fast becoming one of the country’s top rising bands.

The group released a brand new EP, entitled Rainmaker, in November this year.

Constantly honing their craft, Sutherland comes up with new ideas and writes songs all the time. Some of them come to life and get released very quickly and others don’t. This EP is a mixture of the two. Some of the tracks were written specifically for this release and others were demos the band has been sitting on for years, all of them finding a home on the Rainmaker EP.

I caught up with vocalist of Sutherland, Misty, to find out more about the album:

Congrats on the new EP. Your single ‘Love Like That’ has also done amazingly well earlier this year. So, what have been a few of your personal highlights for 2018?

Highlights for Sutherland in 2018? Besides all of the great shows, responses and experiences, It would definitely be the fact the 3 of our releases this year have made it no.1 on the 5fm Indie top 10@10.

Awesome! So, I read that for the new EP you “were inspired by certain images and past experiences”. Can you explain a bit more and perhaps give an example?

The life experiences that inspired the writing for this EP were things like past relationships, new relationships and having certain revelations about how to live a life with less stress and pressure from all angles. Basically things that most people go through and can relate to. Those experiences and revelations make you feel a certain way and bring certain imagery to mind which helped shape the sound of the music itself.

You also say that you “allowed the songs to work themselves out this time around”. Can you elaborate a bit around this and tell me more about the process you used for putting songs together for this EP?

It was a very interesting experience really. We set ourselves a pretty ridiculous deadline to get all the writing and composition done and somehow got it all done in time. One of the songs was a demo we’ve been sitting on for years and others came together in a few days. I think the main point is that we completely let go of any pressure we were feeling and just went with it. Often artists will second guess ideas they have and spend too much time trying to get it ‘right’, but this time around we decided to trust ourselves and the music and go with it. That seemed to work wonders for us.

Do you feel that this is your best work to date? And do you feel you have found your signature sound with Rainmaker?

100% yes! The three of us have never been more proud and excited about anything we’ve released, however, I do feel that there are a lot of ‘signature’ elements have been brought through from our previous releases. That doesn’t go to say that this is definitely a sound we’ll settle on… We are always changing and growing, as the world around us which means the music we put out will probably progress as well, but those signature elements will always be there. I don’t think we could escape them if we tried.

Sutherland Band

So, which song on Rainmaker is your personal favourite and which one do you think will be a favourite among your fans, and why?

My personal Favourite, if not all of ours, is ‘Moon’. For me, this song just has so much feeling and I can’t help but be taken to another place when listening to it.

As for fan favourites – It’s hard to say, but I think ‘You Do You’ and ‘Moon’ would be the ones just because they both make you feel something and want to move.

For anyone who doesn’t know you yet, where can we find all your music, and please also share a link to your favourite video.

All of our releases can be found on Spotify, Deezer, Itunes, etc.

Here’s a link to a live Acoustic version of ‘Love Like that’: watch video.

And, are you playing any shows this holidays – where can we see you perform next?

Unfortunately not, and it feels really odd. Ren has taken a super well deserved holiday and is out of the country ‘til 2019. Otherwise, our next Show is in JHB on the 11th of Jan. Check out our FB page for details.

Finally, what are your three biggest goals for Sutherland in 2019?

It’s about time we release a full length album. That’s goal no.1 Otherwise we’d love to play a couple of shows abroad and push our releases really hard to get traction all over the world.



Images by Charlemagne Olivier.



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