BRYNN Releases Debut Album


BRYNN releases Querencia

BRYNN burst onto the Cape Town music scene in 2017 and are already attracting large, diverse crowds to every show they play. With an explosive sound, taking South African music into a new direction, they have now released one of 2018’s hottest debut releases.

The first time I experienced BRYNN their music stopped me in my tracks; I stood for the entire set, mouth wide open, in awe. Yes, I say experience, because you don’t simply listen to them, you experience BRYNN. BRYNN is the new band on the block that everyone is talking about after seeing their powerful live performances at River Republic and Up The Creek. The Cape Town 5-piece, consisting of Jules Terea, Hezron Chetty, David Van Vuuren (Southern Wild), Alex Smillie (Southern Wild) and Eddy Kriel, is a deadly combination that sucks you in to become part of their musical genius and passion on stage. They are quickly being added to big festival line ups and also recently opened for Incubus on their tour to South Africa – a massive accomplishment for a young band. And now, they’ve captured that theatrical on-stage magic on a debut album called Querencia.


From start to finish, Querencia is an authentic piece of work with many strong tracks. It’s an album that oozes the confidence they portray on stage, without coming across as too self-assured.

The opening track, About Time, is like an intro to a dramatic adventure film. It features the perfect mix of instruments and instantly captivates you with its theatrical elements. A great choice for an opener.

The title-track is a strong one that will probably be a favourite among crowds. If you’ve seen Jules Terea perform, you’ll know that he is a vocalist of world-class standard. And luckily, this is also evident on the album right from the start.

The third track, White Collar Kings, is a personal favourite. It’s a compelling track with a strong message and one that will quickly grab the attention from listeners worldwide.

Already Blind starts out to sound like the most rock n roll track on the album, with guitar distortion and a solid drum rhythm for a good 3 and a half minutes into the song and then ends in an interesting almost Irish-like way.

Noose Knots is a faster-paced, folky song dominated by Hezron’s incredible violin playing. In contrast, the last half of the album is slower, starting with the beautifully dreamy and toned-down Vultures, following with the melancholy of Cotton Mind and Claire that reminds of some of Damien Rice’s work, and ending with some fine guitar and violin on Who You Are.

All in all, Querencia is a brilliant, artistic album and an excellent first effort. If they’re producing this kind of quality at the start of their career, I would love to see what a couple of years can do to their music. I expect big things.


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Image by: Tatyana Levana Photography


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