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Deity’s Muse At Krank’d Up 2018 [Interview]

Deity's Muse Band

An interview with Deity’s Muse

Krank’d Up is an annual one-day music festival which takes place on the last Saturday of September in the south of Johannesburg, South Africa. Geared towards the discerning music fan of alternative tastes and a desire for an unforgettable time, the festival boasts an astounding array of international and local rock and metal talent.

This year, the festival is taking place on the 29th of September at Sundowners in Alberton. It promises to be a mind-blowing event with internationals Miss May I and SikTh on the lineup, as well as some top local acts.

I caught up with Wayne from Deity’s Muse, who is also on the lineup, to discuss the festival and what they have been up to lately. Deity’s Muse is a melodic alternative rock band with metal and prog influences based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

You are currently busy with your UK tour. That’s really exciting. Any stand-out shows or highlights so far?

Wayne: The tour has been great so far. Last night’s show in London was a particular stand out as we had tons of South Africans showing up to support us. It felt almost like a local gig. Having members of TesseracT and Temples on Mars show up to check us out as well as record labels and various publications was just surreal. We are grateful and feel very lucky about the current position we’re in.

That’s so awesome! You’ve shared the stage with many international bands. What has been your favourite moment?

Wayne: Too many to single out really. I guess it’s always goosebump-inducing to look to the side of the stage while you’re playing only to see one of your favourite vocalists of all time watching your band playing on stage.

I can only imagine! You’ve been around for 17 years? Wow. You’ve probably seen many bands come and go. What’s your secret?

Wayne: We have a never-say-die attitude, I suppose. It’s got a lot to do with us never being truly satisfied. We’re constantly trying to progress. That journey is what keeps us going. Once you’re satisfied then it’s time to perhaps hang up the gloves. This journey of discovery is embedded in our psyche and I’ll likely die on stage at this point.

So, what can fans expect from Krank’d Up this year? And what’s your thoughts on the headliners?

Wayne: We’re busy working on a Krank’d Up set that includes lots of synced visual elements to it. It’s something we’ve not done before and we’re looking at making this one really special. As for the headliners I think we’re likely most excited about SikTh as we’ve all been listening to them for more than a decade now. I’m a big fan of Miss May I’s recent work, too. They have a futuristic approach to metalcore and their hard work and constant progression in their sound is what sets them apart from a lot of their peers. I’m excited to share the stage with both of them, including all the great SA bands on the bill.

You say that you are an ‘absolute juggernaut live’! What can people expect from your set at Krank’d Up and why should they get tickets to come see you?

Wayne: We’ll be fresh off a UK tour which ends with Bloodstock Festival and we’re expecting to bring this new energy and experience to our Krank’d Up set. As mentioned, we’re working on something truly special for this one.

Any bands on the lineup that you are specifically excited to see?

Wayne: Besides SikTh and Miss May I, I’m particularly looking forward to seeing KOI, Ruff Majik and Truth and its Burden. That being said, I will be watching every single band. The lineup is beautifully varied.

Indeed! So, you’ve played at festivals in Europe before. How do South African festivals, and specifically Krank’d Up, compare?

Wayne: Krank’d Up is right up there with festivals like Euroblast and Tech Fest in terms of community spirit, vibe and support. You’ll see tons of musicians at Krank’d Up watching all the bands because they know there’s great quality on offer, and smaller fests just like Euroblast have the exact same vibe and aura. We have a lot to be proud of in our scene, even if some people don’t quite see it that way just yet.

To get us hyped up for the event, which song can we listen to? Please share a link!

Wayne: How about ‘Walls Down’? It’s groovy, man!

Lastly, what are you currently busy with? Can we expect any new music soon?

Wayne: We’re currently on tour in the UK and then ending things off with our Bloodstock performance. When we get home we’ll take a week off and then start writing new music for a future release.


Krank’d Up 2018 Details

Krank'd Up 2018

Krank’d Up Tickets

Tickets are available at R600 each. Limited VIP tickets are available through at R700 each.

Your VIP ticket allows you exclusive access to the following on the VIP night:

  • Experience a sound check with both international bands (from 7pm)
  • Receive a Krank’d Up poster on entry, signed by both international acts
  • Hang out with the band members after sound check (introduce yourself, the bands are keen to meet their fans)
  • Each VIP will receive 1 small pizza (vegetarian options available) and 1 draught beer, or single & mix drink.

*** VIP tickets are strictly limited ***



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