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Fit For A King Is Coming To SA! [Interview]

Fit For A King

An interview with Fit For A King

JamPacked Productions announced earlier this year that American metalcore band Fit For A King will be touring to South Africa. The tour will include three shows across three cities with incredible local acts. In aid of Rocking For Rhinos and other beneficiaries, JamPacked Productions gives YOU the second of five tours aimed at raising R1 000 000.00 for the conservation efforts.

Fit For A King has released 3 full length albums through their label and 1 independently. Their most recent release, Deathgrip, was their most successful yet. With more than 1.5 million streams in its first week, they also sold just shy of 8,000 copies.

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I had a chat with vocalist, Ryan Kirby, about their tour, the latest album and their trip to South Africa:

Hi Ryan! How has your tour been so far? Any standout shows?

It has been great! The Virginia Beach show in particular stands out, that crowd was crazy. But no show has been a disappoint so far.

Awesome! Looking at your May tour schedule, you’ve been playing almost every night. How do you guys keep the energy up, and what do you do during the day between performances?

None of us are partiers or anything, so basically the only large amount of energy we spend on the road, is on the stage.

Your most recent release, Deathgrip, is seen as your most successful yet. What elements do you think made this one so successful?

It went back to the basics of what FFAK fans like, heavy with simple, straight to the point singing.

The subject matter on Deathgrip is something quite real that happened in 2015: The Paris terrorist attacks. It is something that had a deep influence on you as a band. How was the journey in putting this amazing piece of work together?

It definitely had a big impact on how we view a lot of things. And it was a big bonding experience for our band.

How did this album change your outlook on life and what was your takeaway from it personally?

I have learned to appreciate how good a life we live in America. Have started complaining about small things way less.

You’ve said that you want your fans to be your friends and you want to stand out as gentlemen. Is this at all challenging as a metalcore band? And being a Christian band, do you often get judged by the genre and not by your music and the message behind it?

Most of the judgement comes from other bands who won’t take us on tour just because we are Christian. But it’s not a big deal in our day to day life. I have never felt harshly judged or treated poorly. The biggest challenge with being open to fans are the occasional fan that don’t understand boundaries between my band life, and personal life.

Fit For A King

So, you guys are soon coming to South Africa. Has any of you been here before? And besides your shows, what are you most looking forward to doing or seeing in our country?

We have never been! We are so excited to see the wildlife and hang out on the beach!

You will be performing at Mercury Live in Cape Town, which is quite an intimate venue. What can fans expect from your performance and can you perhaps give us a few hints of what the set will look like?

A lot of energy. We want everyone moshing, jumping, and having a crazy time. We will put out the energy and hopefully we get it back. It’s always interesting when playing countries for the first time.

After your tour, will you guys go back to the studio and what lies ahead for the rest of the year?

We actually just got out of the studio a month ago and have a new album incoming late this summer! For touring, we will be doing a lot of US shows for the rest of 2018 after South Africa.


Get Tickets For Fit For A King Live In South Africa

Tickets are R200 – R220 and available through



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