Liefde By Die Dam: A Quick Chat With Elvis Blue

Elvis Blue Interview

Elvis Blue to perform at Liefde By Die Dam 2018

Join some of SA`s top artists for the annual Liefde by die Dam Concert at Emmarentia Dam on
Sunday August 5 th . Liefde by die Dam, named after Valiant Swart’s famous hit song with the same name, strives to serve as a platform to showcase the best local music.

The line-up for this year`s event includes Die Heuwels Fantasties, Karlien van Jaarsveld, Francois van Coke, Koos Kombuis, Elvis Blue, Bongeziwe Mabandla, Martin Bester and Bouwer Bosch. The MC will be the popular Afrikaans comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout.

I caught up with Elvis Blue, who will be releasing his new album, Stories, on the 23rd of July, to chat about his music and what to expect from his set at the event:

It’s been 8 years since you’ve won MNET`s SA Idols in 2010 – what would you say to the you on that stage back then? 

The afrikaans language has this word “vasbyt”, it’s one of my favourite afrikaans words. It just means that you need to keep going. You never know where you’ll end up.

Indeed! Some would say your career started with that win, but you were a musician for a while before the competition. Starting out is often a struggle, but what do you remember from the time before the Idols win that was positive and exciting? 

For me making music has always been really rewarding, regardless of being “successful”. Being able to create something and then enjoy it is really rewarding.

One of your current projects is #dieKontrak with VIA. How does it feel to be able to give someone else a big break? What will you be looking for in the winner? 

It feels great, but at the same time it actually is very heartbreaking for me. I’ve always believed there are many great artists out there and if you are lucky enough to make it, it doesn’t mean you are “the best”. This process has only affirmed that belief for me. I will be looking for someone with passion and excellence. That is always something I look for.

How involved are you in the business side of your career? Is it important for artists to have a handle on this, many artists think that they just want to create and a team of experts should take care of business. What are your thoughts on this?

I think it would be nice to just create and have a team of experts. I do have a great team, but I also think in the music business today it’s vital for artists to know and understand their brand and have a good grasp on the music business. It is almost just as important as the music.

Completely agree! So, you will be releasing a new album in July. Will you be performing tracks from this album at Liefde by die Dam on August 5th

I will definitely be performing some of the tracks of the new album and the album will be in stores from 23 July.

You also recently released the single ‘Die Hartklop van ‘n Pa’. Did fatherhood change the way you think about and make music? 

It pretty much changed everything. It has a massive impact on you when you not only have a father but also become one.

How many songs have you written? And how many, if any of these, have been thrown away or are in a drawer? 

For every album I do, I try to write at least 50 songs, before I seriously consider the ones that should be on the album. Some of them are obviously not that great, but every now and then you stumble onto something you really like. Those are the ones that usually make it onto the album.

Do you perhaps have a tale for us about how one of your “put away” songs tugged at you and have come to life? 

I once gave a song away that I thought wasn’t that great. I don’t particularly like giving songs to other artists but I thought I should. And once I heard the song being done by someone else and doing well on radio, I was pretty bummed about it.

Liefde By Die Dam Details

Liefde By Die Dam

Date: Sunday 5 August 2016
Time: 10AM – 6PM
Venue: Emmarentia Dam, Johannesburg

Tickets at Computicket: here
Adults R165 / Kids 12 years and younger: R75 / Kids under 3: Free entry.

Special ticket offer:
VIP tickets: R595 – include VIP entrance, special view, free drinks and snacks.


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