Lost&Found Releases New Album [Interview]

Lost & Found Band

Lost&Found Releases Snakes & Ladders

South African two-piece alternative rock group, Lost&Found, has just released their highly anticipated second album, Snakes & Ladders. The new album comes after the release of their SAMA-nominated self-titled debut album in 2016.

Snakes & Ladders was written over the course of 11 months in between relentlessly touring the country. The final project is an impressive 10-track offering. I caught up with vocalist, Glen, to talk about the new album and their plans for 2018.

Massive congrats on the new album – just listened to it and it’s brilliant! Written over the course of 11 months and in between all your shows, how is it to finally have the final project in your hands? 

Glen: Thank you! I’m glad you like it. After such a long, drawn-out process, it was a big relief to finally get all the masters and artwork and finally put the record out. 

You describe this album as a bit more ‘dirty rock ’n roll’ (yay!), and a move away from your first offering which had a more acoustic feel. How have you evolved between the two albums, and why did you decide on a different sound for this album?

Glen: We didn’t really decide to change our sound, it just happened organically. The first album was pretty rushed, and all but one of the songs on there were already written. The producers were leaning towards that kind of acoustic sound, and we just went with it. But being together on the road we naturally found our sound – which leaned more to the heavy side of things, of course. For the new songs, Jason came up with the bulk of the lyric ideas and the riffs, and between us and the producers we chopped em up, came up with the structures, and moulded the songs into what you hear on the album. Some songs popped out of nowhere – like ‘Best Smile’, which I wrote in 10 minutes in Theo Crous’ garden, and we recorded it then and there. So, I think we are both happy with the new vibe, and the feedback has only been positive.

That’s fantastic! So, I read that Snakes & Ladders represents the ups and downs of life. Can you elaborate a bit around this, and were there any specific events or changes that led the album in this direction?

Glen: We were just umm-ing and ahh-ing about what to call the album. The one name we were going to go with was ‘Too Old For Rock & Roll’ but we decided against that one in the end because it’s a bit sad. You’re right about the ‘Snakes & Ladders’ meaning, and yes it’s basically about life – how it’s just a series of ‘one step forward, two steps back’ – well at least from my experiences. We’re all on this seemingly random path and sometimes we get lucky and move ahead a few spaces, but sometimes things go wrong and we back-pedal, but in the end we all get to the same place. This has been the story of my whole life, and everyone else’s too, I’m sure.

Lost & Found Band

I love the cover (track #4), why did you decide to add a cover and specifically this song? 

Glen: I’ve been a Stereophonics fan ever since ‘Word Gets Around’ found it’s way to me. ‘Dakota’ is just one of those songs that everyone loves, even if you don’t know the band’s other material, you’ll probably recognise ‘Dakota’. It’s a crowd pleaser, and it’s really fun to play on stage too. Win win.

Absolutely! And, since receiving a SAMA nomination for your first album, did you guys feel any pressure, working on the new album, to do it again? 

Glen: I think we were both just so surprised with the nomination that we really tried to take it up a level with the new album. We were like, look, if they’re going to nominate us for ‘Best Rock’ then next time let’s at least give them ROCK! Holding thumbs that our plan will earn us another nomination this year.

Holding thumbs too. And, I’m looking forward to some live shows with the new material, anything coming up? 

Glen: We’ve just played our first 2 shows of the year, launching the album. One was in Centurion, and one in Jo’burg – with The Hellcats and The Black Cat Bones, both who we LOVE. The next one is on Feb 9th at Arcade Empire in Pretoria, with the ‘Bones and WONDERboom.

The video for Can Anyone definitely has that rock n roll feel about it, and amazing energy from your both. Is this a taste of what we can expect from your live performances this year? 

Glen: Absolutely.

The album’s cover is quite interesting, I have to say! Any symbolism or message behind it?

Glen: Haha, not really. I think Jason was just jealous that everyone else is having babies, so he decided that we should have one too, even if just figuratively.

Finally, what can your fans look forward to in 2018?

Glen: Well, we are just going to tour as much as we can, really. It’s hard to really plan too far ahead into the future because we are both juggling more than this one project. We are doing a little tour in Taiwan in March which should be fun. Otherwise just keep your eyes on our Facebook page. Who knows what the future will bring?


Images by Christelle Duvenhage




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