Cheers To A Wet & Wonderful Mieliepop 2018

“I absolutely love seeing the Mieliepop sign get changed to ‘Pieliemop’ every damn time!”

– Words and images by guest writer, Loandri Slabbert.

This was not my first rodeo and it definitely won’t be my last. Behold: The Republic of Mieliepop! This 4-day festival once again took place this year in Lothair, Mpumalanga, on a picturesque farm called Tolderia. This is definitely one of the best and most beautiful festival venues.

With so many people from around the area coming together for a good time, bumping into someone you know at Mieliepop is absolutely inevitable. But that’s what makes it extra unique – an element of surprise that the festival offers every year. Set against a beautiful backdrop of rolling green hills and the massive (but ice-cold) lake, some magic is bound to happen, whether at one of the bars, the Rave Cave or the Food Court. And this year was no exception.

The two biggest stages, the Main and the Willow Stage, brought the most magic, showcasing a perfect mix of old, new, blues, hard rock, reggae, electro and everything in between. The line up is what made the festival extra special this year and every artist and group brought their A-game. With acts such as “headliners” DZ Deathrays (Australia), kak-lekke VAN PLETZEN, the hellish Hell Cats, groovy Crimson House, Wolgfang Marrow, African Rhythm, Black Cat Bones, Boo!, Half Sister and many more, there was a consistently good vibe throughout the weekend and we were jolling our little hearts out. It was also a treat seeing Afrikaans rockers Klopjag on the stage on Saturday!

Even though we were soaking wet and muddied up to our knees this year, it was amazing to see everyone boogie like there’s no tomorrow. In the spirit of Mieliepop!

My personal top favourite performances for this year include Crimson House, with their gypsy, jazzy groove and Hell Cats with their insanely hot, sweaty and ridiculously high-energy two-man show. Thanks, Mieliepop, for reminding us again how lekker our local is!

Quite frankly, there were too many awesome acts on the different stages throughout the festival to mention, but I can confirm that there was never a dull moment.

The Rave Cave, Bar Stage and The “Cool in the Pool” areas also had excellent line ups and, even though the Rain Gods surprised us with hours (literally 3 days) of rain, these areas were popping (excuse the pun!) throughout the weekend.

There is no doubt that Mieliepop gets better every year. The combined effort of the organisers, artists and festival-goers ensures that this festival is an experience like no other. An experience that we, the Republic, come back for every year.

I want to tank everyone who made Mieliepop possible. Thank you for the good music and food for your souls; for the hot showers and the friendly staff; for the smooth sailing at the different stages; for allowing me to sing along to every damn song and for all the fellow Republicans I got to meet: Come rain and sun, I salute you. Ultimately, thank you to everyone involved for creating the perfect festival.

If you missed out this year, make sure it doesn’t happen again, because this girl better see some new faces next year.

See you at Mieliepop 2019 and bring your coats and beanies!








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