Morcheeba Live South Africa

Morcheeba Charms Cape Town

Morcheeba Live South Africa

Morcheeba Live Review

It’s 1995 and a slick electronic band with a smoky-voiced vocalist named Skeye Edwards is about to bring a new sound to the peaking punk, rock and rave scenes. A new sound that would later be defined as “trip-hop”.

Morcheeba didn’t immediately take the world by storm, but step-by-step they’ve built a strong fan base and proved to their critics that they weren’t going anywhere. And, 23 years later, they are still here, travelling to their fans around the world.

Luckily for South African fans of the British band, they’ve also included Cape Town on their travels this year. Fittingly at Kirstenbosch, the concert was set to be a big hit among lovers of the 90s who’s album collections also include Portishead and Faithless.

Valve State opened the night with a slow and smooth set that would’ve perhaps worked better at early sunset, but it was already pitch dark, and the music got a bit lost between people arriving, scrambling for a spot on the lawn and scratching with torches in their picnic baskets. Nonetheless, the atmosphere was set, and slowly but surely the buzz in anticipation of the main act grew.

After a short set up, Morcheeba stepped on stage with the star of the night, Skeye Edwards, appearing at the back in a beautiful red tasselled outfit. A queen. Slowly she made her way to the front, the light shining on her flawless face. She still looks amazing after just over 2 decades of music.

Not only is she beautiful and insanely talented, but she is incredibly charming too. She interacted with the packed Kirstenbosch between songs with witty comments and anecdotes.

Morcheeba Live South Africa

Throughout their set, the entire band’s professionalism and experience were evident and far removed from the wild 90s; Edwards’ husband Steve Gordan on bass, Ross Godfrey confident on guitar, and a passionate Richard Milner on the keyboard.

They treated us to a mix of hits spanning their career, including ‘The Sea’ and ‘Trigger Hippy’ and even spoiled us with a cover of David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’. They ended the magical night with a beautiful encore that included probably their most famous hit ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day’. A truly soulful night!

It was great to witness a group still working so well together after so many years. A performance well worth the long wait.

Morcheeba Live South Africa





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