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Pascal & Pearce Chats About New Single [Interview]

pascal & pearce

Pascal & Pearce releases ‘Lose Control’

“The song’s energy is about letting go of everything, and to be in the moment. Johnny’s lyrics sums it up perfectly!”

Pascal & Pearce have recently released their brand new single, ‘Lose Control’ with Johnny Apple. The track comes after the release of their previous smash hit, ‘Running Wild’ with Jethro Tait in October 2017, which is close to being platinum-certified.

I caught up with the duo to talk about their new music and future plans:

You’ve just released a new single, ‘Lose Control’. Tell me about the process of putting it together – I heard that you worked on the instrumental part of the track back in the summer of 2016?

P&P: Yeah, ‘Lose Control’ was in the pipelines for quite a while – we had the track pretty much 90% there, we were just waiting for the right vocalist to glue it all together. Once we met Johnny and came up with a rough idea, everything else slid into place quite quickly!

How was it collaborating with Johnny Apple and why is he the perfect fit for this track?

P&P: Working with Johnny has been awesome, he’s really talented! When we got the first demo from him we were like “okay, this is going to work”. He is also a bit pedantic about the finer details, which suits us well because we’re the same!

You said that “Lose Control can be described as a Summer House record”, why then release it mid-winter and not closer to summer? 

P&P: For us it’s more a state of mind – summer is a feeling! We hope that even on a cold rainy Cape Town winter’s day, you can still hear the track and think about the good times in summer – spending your days on the beach, house parties… just living it up!

Oh I agree! So, last year you also released ‘Running Wild’ with Jethro Tait. This one has been really popular. Do you think ‘Lose Control’ will see the same success?

P&P: We can only hope… I think with every track we release it’s always the same, you’re not really sure if people will take to it or not. All we can try do is make music that we like, and hope people feel the same – we’ve found that people generally resonate with authentic music.

Will there be a video for the single coming out soon?

P&P: We’ve done a really cool lyric video for ‘Lose Control’, keeping to the whole 80’s “Tron” sort of theme… It’s out on the 6th of July. We’re really happy with it, these days we think the visual element of the art is really important, it needs to suit the music. And this is the coolest thing visually we’ve put out, well we think so anyway.

pascal & pearce

You guys seem to do very well with collaborating with other artists. So, who’s next? Which artists do you still want to work with?

P&P: That list could go on for days… We’ve always enjoyed doing collabs with people, as a duo we already realise two heads are better than one – so it’s always great to throw more musical ideas into the pot. But yeah, there are a few things in the pipelines so watch this space.

So, where can we see you perform next?

P&P: We’re all over the country for the next few months, we’ll be in J-Bay, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Stellies and Namibia – check our socials for more info.

What else are you busy with right now?

P&P: We’re working on some cool remixes at the moment, as well as laying idea’s down for the next single – the hustle never sleeps!

And what are your plans for the coming summer season?

P&P: Lots of touring, as always in summer. By the time summer rolls around again we’ll have a bunch of new music, so we’re looking forward to that!


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