Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018

Amundsen Brewery at Capital Craft Beer Festival

Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018

A quick chat with Amundsen Brewery

The Capital Craft Beer Festival is around the corner! This year,on Saturday 16 June 2018, the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens will once again play host to the Festival. Over the last few years, Capital Craft Beer Festival has established itself as an indispensable part of the Pretoria social calendar not to be missed. The event sets the bar for the industry with over 40 brewers present, top local entertainment available and a variety of food to choose from. 


I caught up with one of the breweries, Amundsen Brewery, to chat about the festival and their range of craft beers:

Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018

The Capital Craft Beer Fest is around the corner, and you guys will be there – please introduce us to your brand and the awesome team behind it?

Thanks for having us! Amundsen Brewery is an Oslo-based brewery focused on producing craft beers of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on being a bit unconventional, and the types of people who gravitate towards our beer and our style tend to be the non-conformists. In South Africa, our beer is produced and distributed by our friends at Devil’s Peak in Cape Town.

awesome! So, the original brewery is based in Oslo, Norway, please give us a bit of history behind the origin?

Head of Amundsen, Geoffrey Jansen van Vuuren, was actually born in South Africa and started the brewery after moving to Norway. We have two locations aboard – Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri, our welcoming brewpub which offers their ever-evolving range on tap, and also our 3500 m2 production facility in Hauketo on the outskirts of Oslo. We met the guys from Devil’s Peak at a beer fest in London, and it wasn’t long before a collab was in the works. Pretty soon after, we decided to team up to make our beers available in South Africa! Something that has been very important to Geoffrey, being a South African himself.

You have some pretty amazing artwork on your beers! Please tell me a bit about that?

The bespoke, intricate illustrations on the cans are the product of South African born artist Peter-John De Villiers, who is now based in Oslo. As you can see, he’s wildly talented! He draws everything by hand, avoiding the use of a computer as much as possible. His illustrations reflect the unique personality of each of the beers, another representation of our moto, “Created by Craftsmen”.

Amazing! Please give us a short description of the different craft beers you offer at your brewery.

We currently have two of our beers available in South Africa. Ink and Dagger IPA and Run to the Pils Pilsner.


Can you taste that hop oil slithering down the back of your throat? Can you smell that intense lupulin blast from the bottom of your glass? We turned the volume up to 10 and broke the speaker, our loudest beer buried in a mound of hoppy goodness. Think wet tropical grass, pineapple and mango freshness all crammed into this self-proclaimed hop bomb. This is Ink & Dagger IPA! Make it rain.


Who says a craft brewery can’t make a rock solid pilsner to hang your hat on after a long day on the job? We at Amundsen believe all beer styles are as good as the craftsmen behind them. In our craft pilsner you will find, malty graininess that gives way to sticky, piney, hop honey. Just begging to be drunk by the mug full. Run to the pils pairs best with air guitar and teased hair.

Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018

Which is the most popular one?

Tough one! They’re both doing exceptionally well. But if we had to pick, probably Ink and Dagger.

With so many beers on tap at the festival, why should we come look for you; What makes you different?

We take pride in standing out from the crowd. If festival-goers are looking for “out of the ordinary”, outside of the box and exceptionally delicious . . . they need to make a turn by the Amundsen stand. We’ll show you why our motto is “Created by Craftsmen”.

Where can we follow you online:
Facebook: here
Twitter: here
Instagram: here
Web: here

If not at the festival, where can we come taste your beers?

We’re available at leading liquor retailers and craft bars in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.


Festival Details

Capital Craft Beer Festival

Date: Saturday, 16 June 2018
Venue: Pretoria National Botanical Gardens

Time: 10 am to 7 pm

Entrance: R170 Online (Includes Branded Beer Mug), R200 Gate

Tickets: Plankton here

Facebook Event: here

Brewers: Amundsen Brewery, Anvil Ale Brewery, Cape Brewing Co, Clarens Brewery, Drayman’s Brewery & Distillery, Friar’s Habit Craft Brewery, RIOT Beer, The Standeaven Brewery and many more!

Artists: Still to be announced.



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