Coffee Stout

The Perfect Brew For Winter

Coffee Stout

Boston Breweries and Deluxe Coffeeworks presents Black River Coffee Stout

We all have these two friends: The passionate craft beer drinker and the coffee connoisseur. Now there is a way to satisfy them both with one drink! South African-owned and managed brewery, Boston Breweries and popular coffee company, Deluxe Coffeeworks, have now teamed up to present a drink that will make everyone happy – especially during the colder months! 

This is an option that will leave both brew addicts licking their lips and looking for more. It’s called Black River Coffee Stout and I recently had the opportunity to try it out on a cold winter’s day in Cape Town.

Coffee Stout

Where brewing meets the grind

The Black River Coffee Stout is a truly unique drink. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a jet-black brew with a toffee-coloured head and an unmistakable aroma of perfectly roasted coffee beans

It is a delicious, rich stout; One that is to be enjoyed slowly. It is the perfect evening drink, and a great choice to enjoy with winter-inspired dishes – think curries, stews and even soup.

The Black River Coffee Stout can also be enjoyed after a meal with a delicious dessert. The hint of the perfect cuppa will leave you more than satisfied!

Sounds good? Well, it’s the perfect treat after a long, cold day! 


Boston Breweries x Deluxe Coffeeworks

Black River Coffee Stout lives up to the reputation that stouts have built since 1677: hugely popular dark brown beers made with roasted malts: they were stout by name and stout by nature. Boston Breweries have stuck with the centuries old brewing tradition, but with a coffee flavoured twist that would have had our ancestors drooling.

Deluxe Coffeeworks full-bodied, full flavoured and smooth coffee beans enhancing Boston Breweries perfected brewing methods promises to be a ground-breaking move that will set the beer and coffee drinking worlds alight. Available in both bottles and traditional kegs, Black River Coffee Stout with its thick, chocolate coloured head and superb coffee flavour notes is a brewing innovation whose time has come.

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