A Night With Bonobo

Looking back at Bonobo in Cape Town by Mali (Likers of Things)

It was a chilly Friday afternoon in Cape Town when we headed to Kirstenbosch in Cape Town to watch British musician Bonobo. I didn’t know much about to artist or the genre of music prior to the evening. I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited to see what the buzz was all about on social media before the event!

From the moment we walked through the gates at Kirstenbosch, the atmosphere was electric. The event had the ambience of a music festival with a diverse group of beautiful, creatively dressed people gathered to experience the festivities. I remember thinking that this could have been a rendition of Coachella! Even the stage was set up to look ready for quite a production. Impressive visuals, lighting and all!

The night started off as icy cold, but as we immersed ourselves into the crowd and let the vibrations of the music flow, we found ourselves bursting with what can only be described as a combination of musical ambiance and an amazing atmosphere! Bonobo’s set consisted of a mixture of different styles of electronic music, including trip hop, nu jazz and downtempo, which was an experience in itself.

We arrived with the intention of having a laid-back picnic while the music played in the background, but we were wrong! From the moment the soothing sounds of the vocalist and the 8-piece band sounded through the crowd, we were on our feet.

Bonobo and is band has definitely found a fan in me. If you ever have the opportunity to see Bonobo live…make sure you get tickets! He will have you dancing the night away to his beats, forgetting all your troubles!


Words by Mali Nxumalo

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