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Janie Bay

Janie Bay releases ‘Amper Daar’

After two hit Afrikaans collaborations with Hunter Kennedy and Jan Bloukaas last year, Janie Bay is back with a new Afrikaans song, ‘Amper Daar’. The South African singer-songwriter drops the lead single off her upcoming Afrikaans album. ‘Amper Daar’ is a song is about the real highs and lows of a relationship and the journey a couple takes when it comes to their love story. Janie wanted to express this message in the track’s official music video which sees her take a road trip with her love interest.

I caught up with Janie to talk about the song and a few other things:

So when did you start writing music?

I started when I was about 12. My brother and I grew up with some of the best music (thanks mom and dad). They were also musicians, so it is also in the genes, I guess.

That’s so cool! Have you always written your own songs?

Yes, I am a singer-songwriter and, therefore, I write and sing my own songs. I have co-written a few songs, but I write with particular people whom I have walked a road with, who are credible writers and whose work I love. I am not the kind of artist who can be handed songs to sing/record. Writing has always been part of my musical journey and it always will be. It fulfils me and it is part of how I speak my feelings and experiences.

And will you ever write songs for other people?

After 11 years of writing music, I think I am finally ready to pitch songs to performers, but only to those who aren’t writers themselves.

Amper Daar

You have mostly written songs in English. Why the move to Afrikaans?

After doing quite a few Afrikaans collabs with Alternative artists like Jack Parow, Bouwer Bosch, Hunter Kennedy (Fokofpolisiekar / Die Heuwels Fantasies) and Jan Bloukaas over the past few years, the demand started coming in more and more for me to do my own Afrikaans tunes or album in my own style, my first solo Afrikaans single being the recently released “Amper Daar”. There is a huge gap for a more alt-pop female artist in the Afrikaans scene, so we’re taking that gap now.

So an Afrikaans album then?

Yes, we’re working on something.

Awesome! So, who are you writing with at the moment?

Hunter Kennedy and I are working on some songs. I am super thankful to be writing with him. He is somewhat of a legend.

Finally, who would you still like to collab with locally?

Guys like Roan Ash, Early B, Francois van Coke, Danie du Toit (Spoegwolf)… these are all guys I have major respect for and they inspire me to be a better songwriter and artist, so that would be a dream come true.

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