Arno Carstens 2019

Catch Arno Carstens On His ‘Lift My Spirit’ Tour

Arno Carstens 2019

Arno Carstens releases new single

“‘Lift my Spirit’ is a brash musical attack on the dispirited state of world affairs. It’s part mirror, part solution and part call to fuck it all.”

Arno Carstens has kicked off 2019 by heading back into the studio with Fred den Hartog and Dane Taylor, the same production team that he worked with on his 2016 multi-award-winning debut Afrikaans album, ‘Die Aandblom 13’. This time they bring you his new single ‘Lift My Spirit’, an unexpected and exciting new sound and his first English release since 2014’s Lightning Prevails.

Arno Carstens 2019

The track is a punchy pop song and a giant leap out of his comfort zone, offering the listener a break from what they would traditionally expect from Arno. It introduces a catchy but random erratic-ness, kind of like three seasons in one day and something fans are definitely going to want to get a taste of.

‘Lift My Spirit’ is the first single off Arno’s still untitled 6th solo English studio album, which will be presented digitally, in parts, over the next couple of months.

A music video for the new single has also been released.

Watch the video

To celebrate the release of the single Arno has announced a nationwide ‘Lift My Spirit’ tour.

‘Lift My Spirit’ Tour

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