Springbok Nude Mix Fest

Catch Springbok Nude Girls At MIX FEST [Interview]

Springbok Nude Mix Fest

Springbok Nude Girls at MIX FEST 2019

Mix 93.8 FM will be hosting the first-ever MIX FEST on 28 and 29 September 2019 at Cradle Moon Game Lodge, in the historical Cradle of Humankind, Muldersdrift. The event will host an incredible lineup, including Springbok Nude Girls, Mango Groove and Watershed, multiple bars and a pop-up food market. Be sure to get your hands on some tickets before they sell out!

I caught up with Arno Carstens from Springbok Nude Girls to find out what they have in store for the event, as well as what they’re currently busy with:

We’ve seen you on quite a few lineups this year, how has 2019 been so far? Any standout shows?

Yes, we have been part of some nice shows this year. SNG don’t play that much so we are looking forward to performing at MIX FEST. Personally, we’ve all been very busy doing our own thing.

You’ve released some new music and had a tour last year, what are you currently working on?

In the midst of everyone doing their own thing, Theo and I have been mixing the new SNG album due for release next year. I know it seems like it’s taking forever, but we are planning a bit of a hoo haa for 2020.

Awesome! You’re also on the lineup for the first-ever MIX FEST. What do you think is going to set this event apart from other festivals in South Africa?

Doing a festival is a big job, so if they get the media strategy, venue layout and so on right, then its all set up to become a well-oiled machine that can grow bigger every year. Of course, choosing the right bands is very important, but they are doing well, I think.

I think so too, this is an especially great lineup! Any of the other bands or artists you’re really keen to see?

As far as the other great artists on the line up are concerned, Jeremy Loops is a sweet guy and I’d support him any day. Mango Groove always brings the party but it’s the lesser-known bands that I’ll be watching because we have some exciting and fresh new artists on the rise.

Yes! So, can you give people a taste of what to expect at MIX FEST 2019?

We’re so excited to be part of the first-ever MIX FEST and we are blessed to still be in demand. Our music has a message of letting go, being free and in a strange way, I guess, we need it now more than ever. Also, the majority of the music at the moment is very safe and ours is the opposite, so many people crave a bit of substance to the ears.

So true. So, lastly, what’s next for Springbok Nude Girls?

A brand new album coming your way!


MIX FEST 2019 Lineup

The lineup for the event includes Springbok Nude Girls, Mango Groove, Desmond and the Tutus, Watershed, Shortstraw, Rubber Duc, The Black Cat Bones, CrashCarBurn, Shotgun Tori, Wolfgang Marrow, The Color Blew, CHLLFCTRY, Jerry and the Bandits, Michael Lesar, Mix 93.8 FM Presenters & DJs.

MIX FEST Tickets

Date: 28 – 29 September 2019

Venue: Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge

Price: R300 – R5500

Tickets are available from Howler

The VIP area allows access to the lakeside restaurant and sandy beach, which overlooks the entire venue.

The limited VVIP experience also includes a meet & greet with the bands.

Deaf-awareness Month

As September is deaf-awareness month, Mix 93.8 FM will donate a portion of all ticket sales to the Rotary Club. Donations will also be accepted towards the charity organisation at the one of a kind Silent Mix private headphone party on Saturday night.


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