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Dirty Moonshine At Halloween 2019 [Interview]

Dirty Moonshine

An interview with Dirty Moonshine

Come as you aren’t. Don’t be human, be weird.

The annual Fright-Night is back on Saturday, 26 October 2019! RAM, Griet and Halloween PTA have once again joined evil forces to bring you one terrifyingly fun night at Loftus D-Field, Pretoria! This year, the organisers have put together a killer lineup. Be sure not to miss out – get your tickets now.

I’ve caught up with Dave Freedman from Dirty Moonshine who is part of this year’s lineup to chat about the event and to find out what they have been working on lately:

It’s almost the end of 2019, what have you guys been up to this year?

We’ve decided in November last year that we would slow down on the gigging. The band has slogged hard the last few years constantly playing shows. So, our goal for 2019 was to take it slightly easier on the gig front and start writing new material.

Awesome! You’ve mentioned that you’re ‘moving into a new phase of Dirty Moonshine’. What does this mean for you?

Our dad bods (excluding Wez) have now reached their prime, and with this has come great wisdom. The new phase for Dirty Moonshine essentially is the band evolving. Our songwriting process as a band has matured dramatically. The “new phase” includes new songs, new branding and a new approach to how we handle ourselves. It sounds more dramatic than it is, but it’s just the band, well, growing up a bit.

Looking forward to it! So, what is #thehunt?

Great success! The whole point of #thehunt was to pique curiosity and interest. Thankfully, this has been accomplished. #thehunt was a teaser, we are releasing a new song on the 18th October with a music video on the 22nd October, and you guessed it, the title is “The Hunt”.

Haha, indeed. It has been more than a year since the release of “Bottom of the Barrel” (what an awesome album!). When can we expect a new album?

Time flies, we can’t actually believe it and thank you. I don’t think an album will be on the cards anytime soon. Our strategy going forward is to release singles regularly. In this day and age of digital streaming, to always keep top of mind is to release new content. So, we will be releasing a lot more new songs. The band has decided that we will probably release a two-part EP or a full-length album later down the road. Right now, we are just loving the time to write new music together.

Now, on to Halloween 2019! What a great lineup! Do you guys have anything special planned for this show? Perhaps you’ll be dressing up; perhaps some new music?

We are super excited! We have two great shows lined up that week, Halloween 2019 and the Brochella Halloween Infestation event. DEFINITELY new music, these shows will be the first time we play the new single “The Hunt” and yes, we will dress up. It’s a surprise, but it will be ridiculous as always.

Sure looking forward to those costumes! It’s good to see bigger events with proper rock n roll lineups again. Which of the other bands are you really keen to see? 

I know right? It’s been a while! All of the other bands! This lineup is spectacular, such an incredible variety from light to heavy with some sweet old alternative in the middle and an incredible dance lineup. But I am excited to see Far From Who We Are get an opportunity at a festival of this stature. They are an extremely underrated band, and I really look forward to seeing them take this head-on and enjoy every moment of it.

We would love to see you guys play more in Cape Town! Any plans of coming down here soon?

We have been itching to play in Cape Town. Honestly, we really have. Hopefully in 2020. Anybody want to get in touch and make some dirty magic happen?

Let’s make it happen! Lastly, what do you guys have planned for the rest of the year and 2020?

The remainder of 2019 will be us recording some new songs and preparing to release them in 2020. The 2020 strategy is to kick-start our fuel tanks and start playing more shows again.


Get tickets for Halloween 2019

Halloween South Africa


Saturday, 26 October 2019 at 16:00.


Loftus Versfeld Stadium, 416 Kirkness Street, Arcadia, Pretoria.

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– R250 (DOOR) Available at the door on the day of event *if pre-solds do not sell out.




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