Endless Daze 2019

Get Ready For Endless Daze 2019

Endless Daze 2019

Endless Daze 2019

An incredible weekend along the West Coast awaits! 

Just over a week to go until the West Coast’s revered alternative music festival stuns music lovers on the shore once again. Endless Daze 2019 is set to serve the most comprehensive and diverse lineup the organisers have ever put together, and it promises to be nothing short of mesmerising for festivalgoers.

Endless Daze is a small-scale (2500 pax), boutique outdoor festival, set by the sea at the dreamy Silwerstroom Resort, 45 minutes outside of Cape Town. Having featured a mesmerising collection of international and local performers in the past, Endless Daze has fast become one of the top live music festivals in South Africa. This year is set to continue the powerful aural delivery and blissful experience that Endless Daze has become synonymous with.

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Surprise announcement

Psych Night & Vans have made a stunning move and announced a new concept that will make its debut this year at Endless Daze:

The B-Side Stage. This stage will be an evolution of the much-loved morning stage, and it will extend into the evening. The organisers have scheduled it in a way that there will be no performance conflicts, so rest assured; you won’t miss a beat between the two Endless Daze stages. To add to this excitement, there are a further two international bands that will be headlining The B-Side Stage!

L.A. Witch, a three-piece band hailing from Los Angeles, is composed of guitarist/vocalist Sade Sanchez, bassist Irita Pai, and drummer Ellie English. The band oozes out sweet sound textures that sweep you away, but with enough grit to keep you on the edge. Holy Wave is a band of multi-instrumentalists from El Paso, Texas, USA. Since making a move to Austin in 2008, they have cemented themselves as a unique force in the national and international touring circuit.

Endless Daze 2019

The full lineup

The full, and officially final, lineup is brought to 34 incredible acts for Endless Daze 2019:

Boogarins (BR)
Night Beats (US)
Föllakzoid (CL)
Yak (UK)
L.A. Witch (US)
Holy Wave (US)
Medicine Boy & The Last Light Ensemble
The Gluts (IT)
Amy Ayanda
The Valley
Blue Crime (NL)
Calvin Love (CA)
Julia Robert

The Sun Xa Experiment
Yndian Mynah
Elle E
Dr Lovefield & Kayla The Crow
The Perfect Boy
Nikola Vlok
Filthy Hippies
The Loose Ends
Orah & The Kites
Holy Funk
Playing Dead
Reverend Reverb


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Venue: Silwerstroom Resort, West Coast, Cape Town

Date: 1-3 November 2019

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