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Go The Rodeo Talks About ‘Lekker Chilled’

Go The Rodeo Band

An Interview with Go the Rodeo

“Our biggest inspiration is just the raw passion we have for creating and playing music and being able to connect with others through that.”

Johannesburg-based trio Go the Rodeo, has recently released their much-anticipated debut album, ‘Lekker Chilled’, two years after the release of their first single ‘Sea Dog’. The album consists of previously released singles, including “Glass Walls” ft. Matt and Trevor Wentworth (Our Last Night), and “Never C Ur Face Again” ft. Warwick Rautenbach (Hellcats), as well as a host of fresh tracks.

Go The Rodeo is a progressive electro-rock band from the western outskirts of Johannesburg. Their current lineup consists of Robert Mitchley (bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboard), Corne van Niekerk (vocals, guitar) and Craig Atkinson (backing vocals, drums).

In celebration of the release, the trio is also going on tour to Cape Town at the end of September.

I caught up with vocalist Corne Van Niekerk, to chat about the new release and their future plans.

Congrats on your debut album. Since the release of Lekker Chilled, what have you been up to? And how has the album been received so far?

Thank you! It’s been quite an adventure getting it out, but we’re extremely happy to finally have a tangible product after all the hard work.

Since the release, we’ve been taking it step-by-step, the official album launch also took a lot of work to set up, and after that, we’ve just been focusing on our Cape Town tour, which is the 23rd to 29th of September. We’ve also worked on getting other shows and festivals, and it’s great being able to present an album when we submit.

So far, we’ve mostly had good feedback, and because we have a full album, people seem to take us a bit more seriously. Our streaming has been doing great, especially Spotify, but we’re struggling a bit getting onto the big radio stations.

I’ve also started working on a few new tracks, so we might just release another single in the near-ish future.

That’s awesome! So, tell me a bit more about the new album. Is there a central theme running through ‘Lekker Chilled’? And what was the journey like putting this album together?

When we initially started releasing singles, we didn’t plan it out in such a way that they would all end up on an album together. Eventually, we decided that it’s time to do a full album, and when we started compiling the old and new, it all came together quite well. But in doing each song as a single, not having an album in mind at first, we were able to focus on each track on its own, and give each track the attention that it deserved.

Most of our songs revolve around a theme of heartache and introspection, and even though they all sound different, they come together to form a story. We’re quite serious about our music, but we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously, and I think that our personality and philosophy as a band is reflected in the sound and artwork of the album.

Go the Rodeo Music

Where can we get our hands on Lekker Chilled? 

Pretty much on any streaming platform.

Apple Music




Physical copies can be bought from us directly, at shows, or through Merch Church.

That’s great! So, besides other artists, what inspires you guys to go out and make music? And in your own words, how would you describe your sound?

Our biggest inspiration is just the raw passion we have for creating and playing music and being able to connect with others through that. We love being able to share what we do, and getting love from people all over the world is indescribable. When your music is able to touch the heart of a complete stranger, it changes the way that you perceive what you do and makes all the effort and trouble worthwhile.

In our words, we’d describe our sound like an electronic/progressive/indie/rock blend. We take elements from various genres, sometimes unknowingly, and fuse it with bass lines, guitar riffs and rock beats. If it sounds cool, we’ll make it work.

You’re coming to Cape Town at the end of September. When and where are you playing?

26th of September – Bohemia Stellenbosch

27th of September – Aces ‘n Spades Bar Cape Town

28th of September – House of Machines Cape Town

We’re also doing a bunch of radio interviews, as well as a live song and interview on the SABC 3 show Hectic on 3.

Please share a link to one of your songs you think would give people a taste of what to expect at your shows in Cape Town.

Never C Ur Face again is our favourite track to perform, and it’s definitely one that gets the crowd moving:

Lastly, besides the tour to Cape Town, what’s planned for the rest of the year?

We’ve been working on getting into other shows and festivals and will announce those as we confirm them. One that has been confirmed, and one that we’re very excited for is the Brochella Halloween show at Rumours on the 2nd of November, with US band CKY headlining.



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