#UpTheCreekSessions with Grassy Spark

Up The Creek 2019

Up the Creek 7 – 10 February 2019

With Up The Creek literally just a few days away, I caught up with Josh Riley from Grassy Spark, one of the bands on the amazing lineup, to talk about this year’s festival, as well as their plans for this year as a band.

Can you believe it’s 2019! What were some of the highlights for you as a band in 2018?

Releasing ‘The Candy’ which has already hit over 100K streams. Noice! But also writing quite a few singles for the homies to peep in 2019. NOICE!

NOICE! For anyone who doesn’t know you by now, can you quickly sum each band member up in 3 words?

Yanick – Loves Fanta orange

Rence – Can’t eat cheese

Simon – Let’s make beats

Kevin – Clean the van

Josh – No second name

Haha! So, you’ll be at Up The Creek again this year, what was your experience of the festival the first time you played there?

I’M ON A BOAT! No literally they transported us to a stage in the middle of the river via a boat. Wild people, friendly people with a deep love for live music. Loved it, still love it!

Tell us a bit about what you’re planning for your 2019 set at Up the Creek?

New music. New music. Dance music. Keep dancing. Dont stop, cant stop, wont stop dancing.

Up The Creek 2019

So, what has been the best or most entertaining and worst things that has ever happened to you on tour?

Most entertaining: Definitely the all-nighter in Mozam. My face at sunrise (Josh – unrecognisable). R&R. General regret the next day. This is just the most vivid memory. Oh there was also that time I told the dudes they were gonna be uncles right before we dropped….Nevermind haha

Worst: We played this festival in the snow once – won’t mention names cause its such a dope fest, and we don’t wana bad mouth anyone; but it was basically the worst show ever hahaha everything went wrong. Wont go into detail, but the stage crew etc were basically folding harder than oragami. Oh then gear just stopped working. The snow was fun though.

For those who will be going to UTC for the first time, please name a few essential items that you need at the festival.

A lekka attitude. A jol attitude. A cardboard cut-out of Michael Jackson for the stage. A cardboard cut-out of Post Malone for the river. A tent to store the cardboard cut-outs of said pop stars. A cardboard cut-out of James Brown which we will leave at the gate. A towel.

Can you write a short limerick/rhyme for Up the Creek?

Up the creek

it’s just so sweet

you gonna feel the heat,

Festival blues for a week,

but its worth the tweak.

Sweet! Finally, what are you looking forward to in 2019?



Up The Creek Details

Dates: 7 to 10 February

Where: Breede River (View Map)

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