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Hands Like Houses Live In South Africa [Interview]

Hands Like Houses

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Hands Like Houses South African Tour 2019

At the beginning of March, Australian rock band Hands Like Houses will be performing three shows in South Africa supported by incredible local acts.

One hundred percent in aid of wildlife conservation and anti-poaching efforts across South Africa, this is JamPacked Productions’ fourth out of five tours aimed at raising R1 000 000.00 for wildlife conservation!

I caught up with Hands Like Houses’ guitarist, Alex Pearson, to talk about their upcoming tour:

You just had a massive tour in the US. How was it? Any big stand-out shows and highlights on the tour?

We did, yes. The US is always a huge and fun market for us! The North East has become one of our favourite parts of the country – Boston, New York and Philadelphia are always wild!

You’ve released your fourth studio album, -Anon, last year. You’ve mentioned in the press that this one was like a “clean slate” for the band. Why did you need this new start and how did this album bring about the new chapter?

I don’t think it was needing a new start it was more we were feeling refreshed musically. We were feeling confident about stepping out and doing something a bit different from our last records. We just followed what we felt good about naturally and then the more we wrote the more excited we became!

With the new album, you wanted “to separate expectations of what [you] are, where [you] come from and what defines who [you] are”. I am sure this is also where the title of the album fits in?

I think it’s an album that just encourages you to enjoy music, you can put it on and just dive in to it. We wanted a pretty carefree and fun feeling album so avoided trying to be too serious or put too much pressure on ourselves. ANON as a title was chosen to suggest people forget what Hands Like Houses has been and just take each song at face value to enjoy.

You have also stepped away from the constraints of the “post-hardcore” genre. How was this big leap received by your fans and the media?

I think this is always made out to be a bit more dramatic than it really is. We aren’t worried about any labels that people want to put on us and I think our fans are just as open to wherever we choose to head – we’re very grateful for the continued support!

How important is it for you guys to step away from the norm and create music that moves away from a certain standard? In other words, not always creating what the fan or listener expects?

I think we just get bored of the same thing pretty quickly. It’s hard to write the same album over and over for us because we are always finding new music and inspiration from that. We’re always having new experiences which give us different drives as a band – it keeps things fresh and keeps people opened minded.

And you also have a new label, Hopeless Records. How was it working with them on the new album? And how important is it to work with a label that supports your ideas and the process of trying new things. 

I think it’s one of the most important things. Hopeless support meant we could just be ourselves and made the recording experience so relaxed. There was no pressure just excitement and experimenting which always brings out the best in people and creates unique music

So, which track from the album has been the crowd or fan favourite? And which is your personal favourite?

I think crowd favourites so far have been OVERTHINKING and MONSTER. Then our personal favourites vary from member to member but I think collectively we love SICK and THROUGH GLASS

We’re looking forward to seeing you in South Africa at the beginning of March! Your three shows will be part of the #1MillionForConservation in support of wildlife conservation and anti-poaching efforts across South Africa. What does this mean to you as a band?

We try to be pretty conscious of our footprint environmentally so it’s important to raise awareness of different ways people can help sustain the natural world. We’ve done strip to support the ‘Save the Elephants’ foundation which was really eye opening and I’m sure this South Africa trip will blow us away as well!

Finally, do you have a message for all the SA fans out there? Maybe give us an idea of the set list.

Haha, set list is always a secret but we’ll try and give a good spread across our albums! We’re excited to make this shows as mental as possible so come out ready to get wild. WE CAN’T WAIT!!!


Hand Like Houses tour dates:

Cape Town | 3rd March – Mercury Live, Zonnebloem (No under 18s)

Johannesburg | 8th March – Sundowners, Alberton (All ages)

Pretoria | 9th March – Platteland, Centurion (No under 18s)


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