Jackal and the Wind

Jackal and the Wind Release New Music Video

Jackal and the Wind

Jackal and the Wind release video for ‘Everything Slow’

“Ingrid Jonker’s poems have always been an inspiration to start writing and have definitely had an influence on Jackal and the Wind’s lyrics.”

Stellenbosch-based Indie-folk band Jackal and the Wind has just released a beautiful video for their single ‘Everything Slow’. The single was loosely inspired by and is a tribute to the late poet and activist, Ingrid Jonker. Chris Kruger, lead vocalist and guitarist, explains that her poems have always been an inspiration and have definitely had an influence on Jackal and the Wind’s lyrics. On 19 July 1965, Jonker tragically walked into the ocean at Three Anchor Bay. Jonker has reached iconic status in South Africa for her literary work, as well as her activism during the apartheid years. Jonker is often compared with Sylvia Plath and Marilyn Monroe due to the tragic course of her turbulent life.

The lyrics of ‘Everything Slow’ create a clear balance between the melancholy surrounding the tragedy of 19 July 1965 and perhaps something more personal for the writer:

Squeeze me tight, don’t let me.
Ah, and I’ll take everything slow.
Your eyes yours, as mines to mine.
Eh, I’ll be swimming tonight.

So why would you run away, to the depth of the ocean?
So why would you run away, from the love of a notion?

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The video for ‘Everything Slow’ was also shot along one of Cape Town’s beaches with Table Mountain in the background, reminding of Three Anchor Bay and creating a beautiful and evocative backdrop for the song. Filmed and edited by Brendan Watson, the video is simple, though striking and compliments the song beautifully.

‘Everything Slow’ immediately reminds of Kings of Leon’s earlier work, from ‘Only by the Night’ to “Come Around Sundown’, however, it doesn’t lose the Indie-folk sound Jackal and the Wind is known for. A delicate and carefully considered homage from the trio.

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About working on a new Jackal and the Wind album

Jackal and the Wind is currently working on a full-length album. The band has been looking forward to working on this new project for a long time. They have certainly come a long way; lead guitarist Peter and vocalist Chris’ first-ever songs were recorded in their bedroom with just one microphone. Their first EP was recorded in a tiny studio in an industrial area, with the sound of trucks and machinery in the background. They recorded without using a metronome and this rustic recording style has stuck as part of their sound today. Shortly after that, they’ve started recording in bigger studios with higher-end equipment and amazing producers who further influenced their sound. The time has definitely come to show their journey thus far to the world.

With their first album, they plan to go back to their roots and tell Jackal and the Wind’s story.

This album will be dedicated to their late drummer, Nelius Swart.

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