Jungle Book Birds

Jungle Book Birds Release Bold Debut Album

Jungle Book Birds

Jungle Book Birds release Heads Or Tails

Cape Town-based band, Jungle Book Birds, consists of members Hezron Chetty (violin, vocals and keys), Jeanré Leo (drums and backing vocals), and CJ Duckit (bass, backing vocals and synth). The band started out late in 2015 as Hezron Chetty and The ZugZwang before undergoing the name change to Jungle Book Birds in late 2018.

They have just released their bold debut album, “Heads or Tails”. The album is their attempt at bridging the gap from their history as a world music focused band into the alternative rock stream.

Jungle Book Birds

‘Heads or Tails’ is one of the most anticipated album releases to come out of South Africa this year. The band took two years to craft and master the sound of the album, and like a beautiful, mature, well-crafted bottle of wine, the album is ready to be opened and enjoyed.

After writing the basic foundation for most of the tracks, Jungle Book Birds then spent time focusing on developing their unique sound. This would mean that they had to get out of the rehearsal room and tour their new sound around South Africa to see if the people liked it. The journey took them to all 9 provinces and the new audiences loved it. The band learned out of their constant touring that in life everyone has a choice to do what they really want or to follow someone else. Like a coin toss, the decision is ‘Heads or Tails’. With a fresh new philosophy and mindset, the band entered the studio and recorded their new ideas.

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Mr Tartini Music Video

Along with the worldwide release of the album ‘Heads or Tails’ Jungle Book Birds will be releasing a video for their song Mr Tartini. The video which is more of a short film tells the true story of Giuseppe Tartini a master violinist from the 1700s, and a piece of music he wrote called the Devil’s Trill Sonata. In order to understand Tartini’s process better, Hezron Chetty travelled to Italy last year to spend time with world-renowned luthiers (violin makers) in Cremona (The birthplace of the modern violin) and the Assisi Cathedral where Tartini went into hiding and would perform for the mass behind a curtain so that he would not be recognised.

For Mr Tartini, Jungle Book Birds collaborated with two of South Africa’s musical heroes, Andre Leo (Member of Medicine Boy) and Albert Frost. Each of them brought their magic and expertise to the track with Leo laying down a beautiful soundscape under the track and Frost shredding a solo at the end.

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