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Latex Grenade Hit South African Shores This Week!

Latex Grenade Music

Latex Grenade South African Tour 2019

“South Africans are awesome; they rock hard…” – Geoff Davis, Guitar & Vocals

San Diego rockers, Latex Grenade, just hit South African shores this week for their second visit and tour to the country. They first toured South Africa in 2018 when they supported the Springbok Nude Girls on their Beautiful Evolution Tour. This time round they will be performing with Johannesburg-based rock band, Oooth.

Latex Grenade have released four studio albums to their name and is a band that brings great passion and energy to the stage. Attracting the adrenaline seekers in action sports, this power trio inspires the listener through fast upbeat melodies and highly energetic vocals.

I caught up with guitarist and vocalist Geoff Davis to chat about their SA tour and what they have been up to lately.

You’ve been to South Africa before, supporting Springbok Nude Girls on their Beautiful Evolution Tour. How was this experience and why did you decide to come back?

First off, we had an excellent experience with the Nude Girls. We found everyone on the trip to be incredibly accommodating and it was definitely something we realised was far different than the dog-eat-dog mentality that exists right now in the music industry in the USA. We had an incredible time and met some great people along the way including Jason Oosthuizen who filled in on the drums. Jason is helping spearhead this second journey and we are stoked to have met a friend for life.

That’s awesome! You’ve also had your latest album The Cage recorded at Bellville Studios with Theo Crous, such a big name in the SA music industry. How was it working with him?

Working with Theo was an amazing experience. When we first met over a phone conference in 2016, we instantly knew that we had to work with this guy in the future. He is one of the coolest dudes in all the lands. In fact, he is so rad that he and his wife took us out for schnitzel one night! He even introduced us to his friends. He has lots of friends. He’s like the mayor of Bellville. He also taught us what “lekker” means. All jokes aside, the amount of respect that Theo has in the industry in SA was absolutely inspiring. He is such a humble guy. He is also incredibly genuine. On one of our tracks (I am not going to say which one), I asked him if he liked it, and he replied “It’s not my favorite one”. At that moment in time, I realised we weren’t just colleagues but friends.

Haha! Amazing! So, tell me about this tour. What do you have planned for audiences and which dates are you performing?

We are quite excited about this tour. We will be spending more time in the northern part of the country this time than the last tour. We will be playing roughly 10 to 12 shows including one festival in Joburg. Our tour window is 10/10 -11/2 with a handful of dates on the backend still being finalised. We will be hitting every major city, except Durban.

And what do you hope to bring to South African audiences on this tour?

On this trip, we will be returning to Bellville studios to finish four new tracks. We will be bringing some fresh new music to our performance this time around along with some new T-shirt designs that we are also excited about.

It’s been said that you bring unbelievable energy through your music and sets. Can you briefly explain how you manage to do this with every set?

Being a three-piece, we do not have the luxury to take a few songs off during a set. Honestly, Nick and I have both almost fainted on stage from raging too hard on stage over the course of the last few years. With that said, in California, we grew up around action sports and a lot of our music is inspired by doing high-energy activities like surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc. Our music is very much catered to the adrenaline junky and if we merely stood there like a scarecrow on stage the entire set, it would almost be hypocritical!

Latex Grenade

So, besides the tour, what are you currently working on? Any new music? 

We have recently done a few colab tracks with other artists in our community. We are quite excited to release these songs in the near future. I think it is a great change in pace and broadens our horizons.

This marks 10 years for you in the industry. What has been some of your personal highlights through the years? 

10 years!? Wow. It’s insane how time flies. I think touring with The Nude Girls was definitely an amazing lifetime experience. We did not realise how culturally significant they were until we got to SA. That was really something special to be apart of… I think that over the years we have made a great effort to stand up to things that we were particularly irritated with in society especially with regards to equality, corporate greed and the environment. A lot of the time particularly in the states a lot of the nuances of these concepts are quite taboo, especially 10 years ago. Particularly today with what is going on in our country (USA), it is very easy to see that society’s motives and opinions are significantly derived by money or personal benefit regardless of what is right. I feel that over the years we have been true to ourselves and our message has never succumbed to the dollar. We have came out and said things even if it wasn’t popular.

Indeed. And what have you been up to in South Africa and what do you still have planned?

SA has so much to offer. Living in coastal California, Cape Town feels just like home! It’s crazy to travel clear across the world and find a city so culturally similar. However, we are really looking forward to going up to Kruger National Park on our days off this time around.

Lastly, do you have a message for your South African fans?

First, we are absolutely excited to jam out this month in such a great country and great people. Second, bring ear plugs.


Latex Grenade SA tour

“We can’t wait to rock out with our fellow South Africans! Every show on the last your was an incredible time, or shall we say it was LEKKER!”

Visit their website: Latex Grenade


Date: Saturday, 12 October 2019

Venue: Grid & Grill, Benoni

Time: 9 PM

Entrance: R80


Date: Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Venue: @Work, J-Bay

Time: 9 PM

Entrance: FREE


Date: Thursday, 17 October 2019

Venue: Pool City, Port Elizabeth

Time: 9 PM

Entrance: R50


Date: Saturday, 19 October 2019

Venue: Brass Bell, Kalk Bay, Cape Town

Time: 8 PM

Entrance: R50


Date: Friday, 25 October

Venue: Mercury, Cape Tow

Time: 8 PM

Entrance: R80 Pre-Sold, R100 Door

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With: Springbok Nude Girls, Retro Dizzy & Julia Robert



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