Monuments South Africa

Monuments South African Tour [Interview]

Monuments South Africa

Catch Monuments live in South Africa

UK prog-metal giants return to SA in August for two exclusive shows.

At Krank`d Up 2015 progressive metal luminaries, Monuments left South African audiences bewildered at what they`d just witnessed. Since then, Monuments has toured the world with the likes of Animals As Leaders, Karnivool, Protest The Hero and Devin Townsend while making tons of new fans along the way.

Now armed with their new and arguably most innovative album yet, Phronesis, Monuments will be returning to South Africa in August 2019 for two exclusive headlining shows in Cape Town and Centurion. They’ll be joined by rising alt-prog locals, Deity`s Muse who will also be supporting Monuments in the UK in July.

I caught up with Monuments’ guitarist, John Browne, to talk about the tour.

You have released your new album Phronesis at the end of last year. Between then and now, what have you guys been up to? Any show that stands out since the release?

Personally, our shows in London, Paris, Sydney, Mexico and Chile were some of the best shows ever. Other than that, we’ve all been busy doing our daily stuff. Writing, recording, shooting videos, playing gigs and getting SLEEP.

Phronesis has been described as your most innovative work yet. Do you agree with this? And do you think that you have found your sound with this album or will you always be experimenting?

We tried some new things but we always will. I’d like to think we dictate what our sound is and it’s likely to change and evolve with every release. As long as there are groove and melody it will always be us.

Monuments Band

So, I read that the album was recorded in different studios. Tell me a bit about the journey in putting this album together and why you guys did it that way.

Practicality! We don’t all live in the same country and those of us who do live in different parts of the country. So it made sense for the drums and vocals to be recorded in DC and NY in the states, and guitars and bass were handled in the north of England. It probably sounds weird on paper but we’re used to it and we can communicate online, it works!

Phronesis is a Greek term which means ‘practical wisdom’. What does this mean as the title of the album?

The same thing! Haha.

But, in fact, all your albums have a Greek word as a title. Do you have any reason for this?

It seems to be a happy coincidence that the words that work for our album concepts are all Greek. Cheers, boys!

Haha! So, you have had a pretty hectic touring schedule over the last couple of years. How do you keep going, mentally and physically, and stay positive on the road?

It’s up and down for sure but the highs are so high that they can get you through any amount of sleep deprivation and fatigue. Things like playing amazing shows and getting to hang with our friends and peers abroad make it easier to keep the circus going.

You have been to South Africa before in 2015. What were the best parts of that trip to our country besides your shows?

I think just the fact that our music took us there at all in the first place is amazing. Other than that the people, the sights and the show were all life highlights for sure.

Please share one of your songs that you think will best prepare the South African crowds for your shows. 

I, The Creator!

Lastly, do you perhaps have a message for your fans here in South Africa?

Bring all the girls and boys and have a sick time with us, we can’t wait to see you \m/

Monuments South African Tour details

Tickets: R330 available HERE

Friday, 9 August – Mercury Live, Cape Town. With support from Deity’s Muse and Thread of Omen. *no under 18s

Saturday, 10 August – Platteland, Centurion. With support from Deity’s Muse and Red Helen. *no under 18s




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