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Prime UK Band

An Interview with Prime

“A British melting pot of infectious vocals, catchy guitars & heavy rhythms” – Left Lion Mag

UK-based Prime is an explosive band making waves in the Nottingham/Derbyshire music scene. The three-piece’s first gig was in 2015 and they have since packed in the live gigs, supporting Space, Dodgy and Electric Six at various o2 Academies and played at Tramlines Sheffield, MAH Leicester, Hockley Hustle Nottingham and Phoenix Alternative Festival in Wales, among others.

I caught up with Prime to talk about their music and future plans.

Give me a bit of background about the band: When and how did you form?

We formed in 2014, but it was a very different line up to the version of the band that I believe was our strongest to date, at the end of 2018. You’ll hear the musical background to the group on our new MP3 compilation ‘Art/Facts 2014-2018′, which includes some live recordings.

Cool! Do you feel like you’ve found your sound or are you still experimenting?

I’m not sure if we’ll ever find our sound fully, as we’ve progressed from our early garage rock and rock ‘n’ roll to a rock/funk/ska/punk hybrid to the bluesier music we do now. But I think my vocals are pretty distinctive and maybe it is the heart of the sound of Prime, along with quality hooks which I’ve always had. New band members bring new, interesting vibes to the table.

Prime UK Band

Tell me a bit about the process of creating new music. How does it all come together for Prime?

Various ways, jams in the studio, acoustic demos… Sometimes I even hum a near-complete song into my phone and ask the lads to play it as similar as possible to what I’ve got down on it.

So, will you be releasing any new music this year?

The current songwriting sessions are taking place, and we have some beautiful, stripped back songs already, I’m looking forward to trying them out in the studio.

Who or what besides other artists inspire you guys to make music?

Strong individuals, showmen, characters, mavericks. Anyone who puts a spanner in the system a little bit and bucks trends.

Finally, what are you guys planning for the rest of the year? Any tour coming up, big shows, EP, album releases, etc.

We’ll be announcing some performances in Europe for June that we’re putting together in Germany, Belgium and Holland. In the meantime I’ll have to make do with a slot at Leicester o2 (Laughs). If we don’t have a new EP out by the Autumn I’ll be very surprised, and I can’t wait.

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