Richard Stirton Gets ‘Naked’ For New EP

Richard Stirton Naked

Richard Stirton releases new EP today

Naked’ feels like my first real introduction to my fans as to who I am as an artist. It is the first body of work that I am putting out that is entirely me.” – Richard Stirton

Richard Stirton has been waiting anxiously for the release of ‘Naked’. It’s been almost 2 years of writing and recording, with songs first written back in 2017 and recording starting in June 2018.

Richard sees this EP as his first real, honest project as he did not have a lot of say on his previous album, Middle Ground.

He says: “Since the first album, I have spent a lot of time working at my song-writing and my understanding of music. I want to create music that is honest and true to who I am and thus connect genuinely with the people who listen to and enjoy my music.”

‘Naked’ has given that voice to Stirton.

Richard Stirton Naked

The executive producer of the EP, Michael Wilson-Trollip, is an incredibly talented 18-year-old protégé from Bishops Diocesan College. Working alongside Stirton, the two of the them spent countless hours together fine tuning each of the 4 tracks they selected for the EP.

During the making of the EP, Richard and Michael were creative with the tracking of certain elements, such as finding abandoned houses to get the right drum and piano sound. Listen out for the drums on ‘Breathe’, those were tracked in an empty house with a high ceiling, raised wooden floors and beautiful acoustics. Keep an ear out for the piano in ‘Whiskey Glass’ too. That was also tracked in the same room with about 10 microphones around a beautiful baby grand.

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