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Shortstraw Chats About Park Acoustics

Park Acoustics

Park Acoustics July 2019

You don’t want to miss this one. Park Acoustics proudly presents an indie all-star lineup featuring Shortstraw, Desmond & the Tutus, Van Pletzen, The World of Birds, Moonga K. and The Lebowski on the 28th of July 2019 in Pretoria. Don’t wait, jump for your tickets now!

I caught up with Russell Grant from Shortstraw to chat about the event:

First of all, tell me about that cool dog jersey you guys have going for charity?

So, The Doggo Jersey is something we want to do annually. The idea is really just to keep our Bowsie Foundation going. We believe in helping animals, especially dogs, and this is just one way we can do it. I own an online store called Limited Edish, that specialises in limited runs of special clothing. So, it was possible to use those resources to make it all happen!

That is really cool! So, what else are you busy with right now and what are you planning for the rest of the year?

We have a little bit of music we are hoping to release this year. We are so excited to share that soon! We also have a bunch of exciting shows booked, and a tour to Japan, so it has been a good year so far!

Amazing! Now on to Park Acoustics. How many Park Acoustics have you played before?

To be honest, I’ve kind of lost count. But every time we’ve played, it has been great and so special!


This is an incredibly popular event. What do you think makes PA so special? 

I think the pillar is consistency! Having something you can rely on every month is huge. But they’ve always been so well curated. There has always been a space for new acts to work their way up over the years. We saw that happening and appreciated getting billed later and later in the day!

Absolutely! So, why should people definitely not miss this one?

This one is super special for us because we aren’t playing that many shows now. We’ve made the decision not to perform as much, but we want to still play the shows we really want to play. So, this isn’t just another show for us. Besides this, it is also an amazing lineup! All our chommies are there, creating a special ‘indie’ day!

Yes, that is one crazy cool lineup. Do you guys all know each other, and have you played events together before?

Yeah, we have! In some shape or form. Like, after years of playing with Al Bairre, it’s great to still share the stage with Nic Preen and his new band, World Of Birds. A band like Desmond and The Tutus has also been such an inspiration to us!

Lastly, what song from Shortstraw can we listen to in preparation for this Park Acoustics to get us hyped up? 

There will be some dancing this Sunday, so let a little bit of Leo Sayer into your life:

Park Acoustics details

Date: Sunday, 28 July 2019
Venue: Voortrekker Monument, PTA

Entrance: R155 online, R175 at the gate.
(Free for children under the age of 6, R15 per vehicle at entrance of nature reserve)

Lineup: Shortstraw, The World Of Birds, Desmond & The Tutus, Van Pletzen, Moonga K, The Lebowski and more!

Park Acoustics July



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