Temples on Mars

Temples on Mars Live In Cape Town

Temples on Mars

Temples on Mars live at Mercury in Cape Town

For my first proper live rock show of the year, I decided to go see London-based Temples on Mars at Mercury Live in Cape Town. I haven’t been to the venue in a while, but Mercury recently had a big makeover and it looks amazing. I’m confident that we have a proper live music venue in Cape Town again. It’s spacious, though cosy, with a large (very efficient!) bar. Since new owners bought the place a few years back, the sound has also been incredible in Mercury. Perfect for rock and metal bands.

Opening for Temples on Mars were local bands Black Moscow, Last One Alive and veterans, Lithium, who gave Cape Town a massive treat by playing live again after a long hiatus. They’ve been around since 1992 and they’re still as solid as ever.

Three top choices. It’s exciting to see the abundance of good, proper rock and metal still coming out of South Africa. Black Moscow and Last One Alive are definitely ones to watch. Their performances are high-energy and they’re eager to give the crowds what they came for.

Temples on Mars

Progressive rock outfit Temples on Mars is a fairly new band consisting of ex-members of Agent, Starseed and The Spindle Sect. Their self-titled debut album, released in April last year, received great reviews, and it seems like the music industry is excited to see what heights these guys will reach this year.

Their set consisted of easy rock, with a metallic edge. Their sound is amazingly streamlined and solid. Their lyrics cover heavy topics such as mental health and environmental issues, and their sound creates the perfect backdrop for it. It has just the right intensity.

Frontman James Donaldson has an incredible voice; characterised by power and passion. The rest of the band is just as confident and smooth on their respective instruments. They are fast-paced and accurate and support each other perfectly.

Evident from their mesmerising live performance and the new album, they will be delivering everything to their best efforts in the coming year.

The venue was hardly full and I feel disappointed that not more people could witness the brilliance of all the bands.

I look forward to hearing more from them in the near future.

Thank you Plug Music Agency for the opportunity to experience them live.



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