The Barbosa Experience

The Barbosa Experience at Park Acoustics

The Barbosa Experience

An interview with The Barbosa Experience

Park Acoustics will be celebrating their 9th birthday on Sunday, 2 June 2019, at the Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria. For this event, they have announced one killer lineup!

I caught up with Pedro Barbosa from The Barbosa Experience, one of the bands on the lineup, to find out what they have been up to and what we can expect at Park Acoustics on the 2nd of June:

I see your name popping up everywhere these days! How has this year been so far? Any highlights? 

It’s been a really busy year. Especially, overseas yes. I won best love song and placed second on the Adult Contemporary category for ‘Crazy Love Is’ in the International Songwriting Competition. I was also nominated for an International Portuguese Music Award for best music video, which made me go to the States for a few days. Other than that, it has been shows and more shows.

That’s amazing and congrats! So, what are you busy with right now and what are you planning for the rest of the year? Any new music or a tour perhaps? 

We have recorded a couple of songs with Mark Beling and intend to release it soon. A Latin song and then an African song with a Mozambican vibe to it.

Cool! Many of your fans talk about your amazing live sets. For those who have not seen you perform yet, can you give us an idea of what your live performances look like? 

That is a hard one to explain in words. We are all about having fun on stage. And we love it when the crowd gets involved. Think of a house party with 4000 people. But, like, controlled chaos.

The Barbosa Experience

You guys are from different parts of the world. How does this influence your sound?

Well, it makes it interesting. Peter are from the Netherlands, I am from Mozambique and Fred and Rudi are from South Africa. We all come from a rock background, yet we don’t play rock. Quite interestingly, we found our sound in a Reggae/Latin/African vibe. It is none of our strong styles, but we love playing it. And that is what matters in the end.

Indeed! Now on to Park Acoustics. Have you played at PA before? 

Yes, we have once before. It was awesome. We were very honored to get a call last year. When they called us again this year and told us the lineup, we were like “wow this is awesome”!

This is an incredibly popular event. What do you think makes PA so special? 

The energy of the event and the venue, but mostly the people. I love the idea of playing to a open, chilled crowd. Like picnic vibes, but people eventually throw their picnic blankets and shake their booty like there is no tomorrow. Funny thing is, I had never been to a PA until I played at one!

This is also the event’s 9th birthday celebration! Who else on the lineup are you looking forward to seeing live?

I love Aking and I haven’t seen them live in years. I was still playing for Mrs. B the last time I played with them and this was in 2013, I think. And also December Streets. We love those okes and their music. I have not seen Grassy yet, so we are excited to see them.

Lastly, what song from The Barbosa Experience can we listen to in preparation for this Park Acoustics to get us hyped up? Please share a link.

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Park Acoustics
Photo of Pedro Barbosa: Keshli Lindemann

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