The Cure 2019

The Cure at Rock on The Lawns in Review

The Cure 2019

A look back at The Cure in Cape Town 2019

It’s been a long time since Cape Town has seen a big event, with an international headliner, and no hiccups. So, what’s your secret, Andy Mac and AMP Events?

Human Rights Day 2019 will be a day to remember for many years to come. It was the day The Cure came to Cape Town for Rock on The Lawns at Kenilworth Racecourse and made many an old goth heart a happy one.

AMP Events made sure the local line up attracted a crowd from early in the afternoon – from hell-bent, scene-shakers Hellcats, heavy rock ‘n’ rollers Southern Wild, to legends Karen Zoid, Ard Matthews and Fokofpolisiekar. Even the fine rock act, Zebra & Giraffe, made a special comeback for the day. The Robfather kicked off the event at 11 am and for the following nine hours straight, Rock on the Lawns was a beautiful celebration of local music.

Finally, it was time for The Cure. Wonderfully eccentric frontman and icon, Robert Smith, complete with red lipstick and big teased grey hair, and the rest of the band didn’t hold back one bit, as they put on a massive, almost 3-hour long set. The crowd, a delightful mix of old and young, goth, rock and pop fans, braved the icy wind and watched as the legendary band proved why they’ve been around for over 40 years. Standing in the middle of the crowd, looking around you, you could see many highly content 40 and 50-somethings singing along with Robert, remembering the good old 90s when they too wore dark eyeliner and old Dr. Martens.

By Ruth Cooper

Robert didn’t talk much, but the music offered more than enough to the eager crowd, winning everyone over within the first two songs. They gave their South African fans a long, tight set filled with all their hits, “Boys Don’t Cry”, “Lovesong” and “Friday I’m In Love”. There wasn’t much interaction, big bold visuals, or special stage effects. Still, their performance was compelling. The Cure came here to do exactly what they’ve been doing best for over 4 decades. And they made it look incredibly easy.

There was a certain magic about The Cure’s performance. It was minimalistic but powerful. And maybe we won’t see them again on our shores, but they’ve certainly offered their fans a night to remember.

The Cure 2019

Thank you, Andy Mac, AMP Events and Jeni Fletcher for a very special day!


Second image by Ruth Cooper (Bizcommunity).


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