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Up the Creek 7 – 10 February 2019

With Up The Creek literally just a few days away, I caught up with Chantel from Diamond Thug, one of the bands on the amazing lineup, to talk about this year’s festival, as well as their plans for this year as a band.

Can you believe it’s 2019! What were some of the highlights for you as a band in 2018?

We released our first album ‘Apastron’ in 2018 which was an incredibly exciting thing for us and to see the lovely responses we got from the world. Along with that, we did a national tour for the album and had the opportunity to play a lot of shows across South Africa, as well as another coastal tour with The World of Birds. The highlights of shows were definitely the Cape Town and Joburg album launches. We built up beautiful theatre spaces and it really felt like the type of performances we’d like to be doing more of at that scale of production visually. I think for each one of us being able to put on shows like that gave another magic to the album, a unique experience of sharing space with our audience that we had wanted to for so long. We are so grateful to our mommager Tourmaline Berg and the Bergs for their help especially for making those shows happen. I think this album will always hold a special place for all the wonderful people we got to work with to put it all together and present it to the world. Hannah Shone the designer for the album artwork, Vince Espi for the mastering and Digital Forest Studios for recording are a few more to mention for their contribution to the album. Each person has added a touch to ‘Apastron’ that we’ll always remember.

Awesome! Before we carry on, for any of my readers who do not know you by now, can you quickly sum each band member up in 3 words?

Danilo –  Cosmic logistical go-getter

Ted –  Goofy galactic gamer

Adrian –  Space instrumental extraordinaire

Chantel – Moon walking dreamer

So, you’ll be at Up The Creek again this year, what was your experience of the festival the first time you played there?

Ah! Well, we played our first proper show as a band at Up The Creek, it is the first show our drummer Teddy joined for and since then we have formed the sound that is Diamond Thug. But that show was a lil challenging for us technically 🙂 We played with a computer that time and there were a few complications that were going down. The crowd and the festival made up for that though! And since then we have worked the computer out of our setup.

Tell us a bit about what you’re planning for your 2019 set at Up the Creek?

You can expect to hear our Album and some new unreleased songs we have coming up this year that we are so so excited to share with you 🙂  You’ll be seeing Teddy in a hat bringing the beat, Dee’s bass dance, Adi’s guitar enchanting and vocals calling.

Up The Creek Festival 2018So, what has been the best or most entertaining and worst things that has ever happened to you on tour?

Best: We got to play a show in the Alps in France and got to stay in there for a few days after. We were in awe, like a couple of kids running in the hill kind of excitement.

Worst: I think sound mess ups can really get ya down. On our one 3 week tour stint, we had a big sound fault at one of the venues, where we pretty much had to re assemble the sound rig and no one knew what was going on. But a spooky experience on the same tour was finding a knife on our van drivers seat after a show in Cinsta, luckily a car still full of gear though. No one to be seen. Spooky stuff.

For those who will be going to UTC for the first time, please name a few essential items that you need at the festival.

We don’t want to be forgetting sunblock and floaties this time. Beers for the guys and snacks for me 😉

Can you write a short limerick/rhyme for Up the Creek?

Wet your hair

Dip your feet

Where the sun and the river meet

Float on by

Melodies ring in your mind

Drifting slowly into the night

Full of flair

Lights in the air

Welcome to Up the Creek

Where the river sings

And the hills beat

Cool! Finally, what are you looking forward to in 2019?

Our cross continental movements! MORE INFO SOON.. And we’ll be releasing music! Its gonna be a busy year for us and we can’t wait to share more with you soon.


Up The Creek Details

Dates: 7 to 10 February

Where: Breede River (View Map)

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