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Van Pletzen Awakens The Legehness

Van Pletzen

Van Pletzen releases brand new video

“Remember to always awaken the legehness in alles altyd!” – Van Pletzen

Afrikaans electronic duo, Van Pletzen, has just released a brand new video for their single ‘Awaken The Legehness’. Always on a mission to spread kak lekke vibes, the two, Peach and Nik Nax, have once again collaborated with PJ Kotze to create the video which is described as South Africa’s first Kung Fu film. The single is the fifth collaboration with their good friend Early B, a true master who understands the Legehness. ‘Awaken The Legehness’ is a brand new offering from their upcoming new album and it is only the tip of the GROOTNESS to come, so watch this space!

It has been more than a year since the release of our debut album “KAK LEKKE VIBE” and Nax and I have now got a much deeper understanding about the Legehness and what we are all about. One might even say that we have now become masters in the sacred art of Legeheness.” says Peach, also known as Groot Hond.

Van Pletzen music

About the video

Groot Hond has always had a droom of making a Kung Fu movie and this song was the perfect match for this droom, so they decided to do the thing and make their droom the waarheid.

The video sees Early B transformed into a Shaolin Monk and showcasing his nun chucks skills and unleashing ancient wisdom, plus deep meditation vibes! Van Pletzen knew that this video was going to truly awaken a big heap of legehness. The three of them also spent a large amount of time rolling the biggest zaab in the world, which you can also see in the video. Rumour has it that the Guinness World Records of Legehness is going to call the team to take a picture! The only problem is, they already klapped that zaab!

Get your hands on Awaken The Legehness now.

Watch Awaken The Legehness

Van Pletzen Tour Dates

Catch Van Pletzen on tour at a venue near you:

11 SEP – Lentedag – PTA (w/ Early B)

28 SEP – Loftus (Tshwane 10’s) – PTA

3 DEC – Loskop Dam – Groblersdal

31 DEC – JBay Rocks – J.Bay




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