SÂVER band

Watch I, Vanish

SÂVER band

Watch the new video from SÂVER, I Vanish

Norwegian band, SÂVER, just released the video for I, Vanish, taken from their new album They Came With Sunlight coming out the 8th of March 2019.

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“The idea of starting SÂVER was a consequence of ending something…”

SÂVER is the new project of Ole Christian Helstad, Ole Ulvik Rokseth and Markus Støle of TOMBSTONES and HYMN.

SÂVER’s sound is characterised by a strong component of apocalyptic synths and textural electronics hovering above the base of heavy guitars and bass – a mélange that works incredibly well, and has been becoming increasingly popular across the globe of heavy music lately.

The band says about the video:

“The video is a direct reference to the visuals we’ve been using live during the past year. The visuals is created by Simen Skari, and it displays abstract, wave-like formations that is constantly evolving while at the same time appear quite repetitive, which we feel matches our music quite well. Implementing these visuals into the video, it feels like a natural continuation of what we are doing in a live setting.“

Watch it now:



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