5 sustainable fashion brands you should be shopping from in 2020

Sustainable Fashion Brands

The best sustainable fashion brands in 2020

It’s a fact that the clothing industry is a huge problem when comes to waste and pollution. However, consumers know very little about the gigantic industry’s sourcing and manufacturing processes. In 2020, why not take some time to get educated about certain fashion brands and in turn, make informed decisions when shopping? The brands you currently shop from and the clothes you are now wearing may, unfortunately, be part of the problem, so browse a few sustainable fashion brands and shop differently in 2020. 

What’s the big issue? 

If you’ve seen the 2015 documentary, The True Cost, you may already have an idea of how certain highly popular fashion brands are exploiting factory workers, wasting and polluting the environment. This was indeed an eye-opening film that exposed many well-known brands. However, many of these brands are still ignoring the huge issue which is the clothing industry. In fact, did you know that 84 percent of textiles end up in landfills and that the industry produces around 92 million tons of waste every year? As we battle climate change, this is an enormous issue that seems to be getting bigger. Many retailers are also not complying with ethical working environments and are currently exploiting factory workers. Many individuals are working ridiculous hours for less than the basic salaries in poorer countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Perhaps it’s time we all buy our clothes from better, more sustainable fashion brands and be part of the solution in 2020. 

Have a look at 5 sustainable clothing brands to shop from this year: 

Alternative Apparel 

Alternative Apparel is a popular sustainable clothing brand specialising in casual clothing for men and women. This brand uses organic and recycled materials, as well as low-impact dyes to manufacture their clothes. Alternative Apparel is also conscious about where they source from and comply with sustainable standards. 

People Tree 

People Tree is a UK fashion brand focussed on ethics and fair trade. This clothing brand pays good wages and offers ethical working conditions for individuals making their clothes. They are Fair Trade-certified and always opt for sustainable materials such as organic cotton and low-impact dyes during their manufacturing processes. People Tree offers clothing for women and their range includes beautiful dresses, tops, trousers, jumpsuits and underwear.

sustainable fashion


Owned by Gap, Athleta is a clothing brand specialising in sustainable casual sportswear. The brand recently announced that they have a goal of producing 80% sustainable materials across all products by 2020. Since 2015, the popular activewear brand has been using recycled polyester which has diverted millions of water bottles from landfills and created a quality swimwear fabric, which has helped to divert thousands of kilograms of waste from landfills.


Everlane is a San Francisco-based label focused on ethics and absolute transparency. They add labels to all their clothes that show the mark-up process and factories where they source from, so you know exactly where your clothes come from. Everlane’s range focuses on sustainable clothing with a minimalist aesthetic, so you can mix and match pieces and wear them year after year. 

Sustainable clothes

Boyish Jeans

Looking for an alternative denim brand? Boyish Jeans is your answer. This newer brand uses sustainable fabrics and ethical practices to create beautiful vintage-inspired denim styles. The idea behind Boyish Jeans is that you can buy ethically made jeans that will last for many years, so you don’t have to buy a new one every season. 

Before you buy this year, just consider where you are buying from. Being conscious is the first step in making a difference. You don’t have to throw out your entire wardrobe or spend thousands on new clothes, but simply be educated and make informed decisions. 

1st image: Boyish Jeans 

2nd image: People Tree via ASOS

3rd image: Everlane 

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