Celine Releases Radio-Ready ‘Hide Away’

Celine releases new single

In her new song ‘Hide Away’ Celine shows how far she has come since she first stepped onto the local music stage. The new single is a well-produced, radio-ready offering that unveils her talent for producing music that a larger audience can relate to.

The first few seconds of ‘Hide Away’ simply features Celine’s voice and a guitar, as she sings about struggling with her own thoughts and needing a friend. It’s a personal and emotional start, however, it quickly builds up with a catchy beat as she takes us on a journey infused with pop tunefulness. She sings about her anxieties and looking for somewhere to hide away but with a fearless tone in her voice and a solid beat.

Looking at her previous releases, specifically the single ‘Call Me’, it is clear that Celine is not afraid to sing about her own life experiences, confessing her fears, anger and anxieties. Through the lyrics of ‘Hide Away’, she again reveals her vulnerability, however, she embraces it as the music takes a more uplifting, infectious rhythm. It’s a song everyone can relate to now, as we’ve all wanted to hide away at some stage this year. But somehow it is also inspiring, as she fearlessly faces her insecurities.

With this release, Celine shows how she has evolved into a confident artist that knows what she can offer and does so flawlessly.


Image by Rash Ferguson

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