Crown The Empire Heading To SA [Interview]

Crown The Empire 2020 Tour

Crown The Empire South African Tour 2020

“We cannot wait to see you in both Cape Town & Pretoria!”

Late last year, JamPacked Productions announced that American post-hardcore band, Crown The Empire, will be visiting South Africa’s shores for two shows in February.

The band has just released a brand new album, ‘Sudden Sky’, and have been touring since. I caught up with guitarist, Brandon Hoover, ahead of their trip to SA, to find out more about the new album and what they have planned for the two shows:

This year, you are celebrating ten years as a band. That’s incredible! Tell me about the past decade. What have been some true highlights and how have you evolved over the years?

Honestly, it feels like a blur… like none of it was real. Almost 10 years ago we started the band in a garage in Dallas, Texas. A couple of years later we were touring non-stop around the world with bands we were fans of or had grown up listening to. It’s all very surreal. Some of the biggest highlights have to be on the Vans Warped Tour. We were on that tour four times and every time was fucking crazy. We will never forget about adult summer camp. I think everything has evolved over the years. The music, the concepts, to how we run the business, and how we treat each other. We were all teens when this started… it’s weird to think we’re adults now. I still feel like a child. 

Yeah, you were so young when you started this band. How has your sound changed over the years and do you think you’ve now found your signature sound? Or are you still experimenting?

I don’t think our overall sound has changed too much. We’ve always had anthemic choruses, electronic elements, theatrics, and emotional lyrics. The goal was always to make music that sounded like it could be played both in arenas and intimate venues. The one that thing has changed consistently from album to album is the overall themes and the textures we’ve used to create that world. Each album has its own vibe.  

So, last year, you’ve released a new album ‘Sudden Sky’. You touch on a lot of deeper topics, such as mental health and the modern world. Tell me a bit about these themes. And what do you hope people will take from it?

Being human is hard. Everyone is going through deep internal struggles on a day-to-day basis and it’s hard to express these feelings, especially with the way technology is taking over our lives currently. We’re more connected than we’ve ever been before but yet disconnected emotionally. I hope people will see that the only way to be truly human is to be vulnerable and connect to people in REAL LIFE. We can’t lose that aspect of humanity. 

Oh, I agree. So, do you feel that ‘Sudden Sky’ is your best work yet and how is it different from your previous albums?

It’s my favourite album we’ve done yet, probably because it’s new and fresh. Every time we finish an album I think it’s the best one yet haha It’s different because it’s the first piece of work we’ve created since Limitless as a 4 piece. Tree (bassist) stepped up and started screaming, I took over harmonies, and Andy (singer) took over all singing again. Everyone had to step up and do their part or else we wouldn’t be able to continue, and I think it made us closer than we’ve ever been.  It’s also the first album where we’ve been able to combine all our sounds from the past 10 years and make one solid piece of work that represents the decade. It sounds like an album meant for the year 2020. 

Crown The Empire 2020

You will be touring to South Africa next month. Have you been to our shores yet? And why did you decide to add SA to your tour?

We have never been there but have wanted to go over to South Africa for years now! It happened on accident actually. Dance Gavin Dance was supposed to play the show but something happened scheduling wise and they couldn’t make it over. Since we are under the same management as them, it only made sense for us to step in for them. 

Cool! And what do you have planned for your two shows here and what will the setlist look like? Care to share a few songs that will definitely be added? 

I’d rather not share anything, I want it to be a surprise. But if you guys want to hear any specific songs let us know so we can add them to the setlist! 

For any upcoming rock and metal bands in South Africa, what advice would you give them for breaking out on the scene and also for sticking together through the beginning years?

Focus on the music, be great live, market your brand online, build a solid team around you that you can trust, and don’t fight over dumb shit. It’s not about anyone’s personal ego, it’s about creating something special and sharing it with the world. This music thing is a lot bigger than anyone of us. 

Crown The Empire Tour

So, what do the next ten years look like for you as a band? And what do you still want to accomplish?

It’s hard to say what the next ten years are going to look like. If you were to tell me ten years ago we’d be here at this moment I wouldn’t believe you. I guess we’ll just have to find out together…

Lastly, do you have a message for your South African fans ahead of your tour?

We cannot wait to come play for you and meet you all. This has been a long time coming. See you soon, South Africa! 


28 Feb 2020 – Mercury Live – Cape Tow

29 Feb 2020 – Platteland – Centurion


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