Fay Lamour Releases New EP

Fay Lamour releases jazzy ‘Blue to Yellow’

The first half of 2020 saw the release of singer-songwriter Fay Lamour’s debut EP ‘Forty Second Street’. She is now back with a new offering, an EP called ‘Blue to Yellow’.

The new work plays in a classical and jazz fashion. The material consists of popular standers, offering delicate and stylistic lines in a way that you can enjoy a night of jazz, gin and jitterbugging. Fay is known to make music that pays homage to the upbeat jazz sounds of the 1920s while incorporating a modern twist. ‘Blue to Yellow’ follows this style. Fittingly, the last track on the EP ‘Miss Lois Long’ is also about a writer from the 1920s and also known as the first Flapper.

Fay explains that it was a refreshing experience to make this EP all on her own. She had complete control of everything: Creating, mixing and mastering. This allowed her to dig deeper into the other side of music. She adds:

“I love my piano and finding new contemporary ways to show my love for classic jazz standards… and making the listener feel like they are in a smoky bar with some good old double, a little rhythm and a trumpet buzzing all around.”

The EP is now available on all streaming platforms.

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