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Hitchat: The movement is growing

Hitchat is a Cape Town-based entertainment company that recently launched. Its main aim is to offer one platform for people to get entertainment while making a difference in their areas. Hitchat includes a music talent discovery app, talent development, streaming service and local events, all in one company. With this model, Hitchat is trying to create an eco-system where everyone benefits. Talents get the best possible shot at fame and well-being, users get kick-back from engaging with the talents and the app and the events trigger a hyper-local sharing economy.

I caught up with co-founder Erik Grönwall to find out more:

First, tell me a bit about Hitchat. What is it all about? 

Hitchat is a Cape town-based entertainment company creating affordable on-the-ground and digital entertainment in emerging markets by finding, developing and launching talents within a unique T-pop concept. We find the artists’ key audience and develop campaigns and strategies to ensure that they are seen and heard in the right places. Using our Hitchat events, and our local and global networks, we create a unique platform for the artists to release their talent. We are creating a new genre in Africa called T-pop and will help the artist find the best group constellations for their career.

We are currently arranging auditions in Philippi, Cape Town, for a new girl band that we will develop together with our music industry professionals and work on a release strategy to launch them globally. 

Amazing! So, which artists have you worked with so far? 

During the pilot in Philippi, we’ve had the honour of working with amazing talent that is now releasing music together with our partner – the MTN platforms Music Time! and Ayoba. Those artists include Vocal Zoid, Ameerah, Noss The Boss, S.Y.S, Mr H and M + S. Check them out at our Youtube channel.


M & S

And who do you plan to work with in the future?

Our model is kind of inspired by the K-pop phenomena but of course all about Africa. We will continuously look for new talent to develop and launch in different constellations. We have a very good connection with Swedish songwriters and publishers so we are arranging songwriter camps for our artists in Sweden. One of our talents is currently working with songwriters and producers in LA who’s been writing and producing for artists such as Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Daddy Yankee etc. 

That’s great! And what do you hope people will take from this movement? 

That no matter the hand you were dealt in life, you can use your talent to sing, dance or rap your way to success. We believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to realize their dreams and we want to prove this with the most powerful force in the world – music. 

You have recently partnered with MTN and Ayoba. What do these partnerships mean to you? 

The short answer is that this partnership is invaluable to us. Having the support of a company like MTN and their muscles gives us an advantage and creates an amazing opportunity for our talents to reach through the digital noise out there. 

And how have you guys been experiencing the lockdown? 

It’s been weird, interesting and eventful. We had to cancel all our vocal coach and choreography sessions and switch to a digital approach. But there’s always a silver lining and we managed to improve our digital strategy during the lockdown. 

Do you have any advice for artists struggling and having a hard time during this time?

This is my personal advice so my answer doesn’t reflect the company but a lot of artists I know are looking for part-time jobs and it’s a very strange world we live in right now. It is, however, one of those things in life that you are not allowed to control and therefore you have two options 1. adapt to the situation 2. don’t adapt to the situation. Be creative, write songs, rehearse a lot, use the frustration and write your best song to date. Do the best you can with what you have, this too shall pass and when it does you can be prepared with 20 great hit songs to release.

Finally, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

To do the best I possibly can for our artists’ careers. 

Watch the Hitchat Session with their first duo, M & S

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