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An interview with HYMR

Emerging electronic artist HYMR is about to release his latest anthemic, intimate, and powerful electronic album ‘Artificial Intelligence’. The twelve-track electronic release contains driving basslines, groovy beats, and atmospheric melodic elements. With his unique style and sound, HYMR seeks to captivate people. ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is set to release in all digital stores on 31st July 2020.

I caught up with HYMR to find out more about the new album and his future plans:

You are about to release ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Tell me about the journey of putting this work together?

It was a very exciting and stressful experience. After composing the song ‘Artificial Intelligence’, I felt the need to add more songs to create an EP. I eventually pushed myself to the limits and created the twelve track album. I gave myself a deadline and at some point, I did not think I would make it in time as I have experienced what we call “writers’ block” for about six weeks. This was really stressful. I have managed to accept the fact that these things do happen and many writers, composers and producers go through this experience. All and all, I have managed to finish a week before my set deadline, and I was happy, relieved and proud of myself to have achieved my deadline. I often refer to this album as an abstract painting, as each song is unique in its own way. Each song has its own vibe, it is therefore in the ear of the beholder.

My influences come from various artists, including Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Yanni and in recent years, Armin van Buuren. I have my own interpretation of these influences when creating new works. I like to combine elements of various genres, as well as experimenting with different sounds in my music.

So, you’ve already released the single ‘We Love’ from the album. It’s a powerful track and video. Tell me a bit about it and what you want listeners to take from it?

This song has been highly influenced by the world’s present circumstances. It was also influenced by the lockdown we all have been experiencing and seeing what has been happening around the world. I think listeners will relate their own circumstances and what they have experienced with what has been happening around them too. ‘We Love’ covers various situations such as Pollution, Poverty and this Pandemic. The message for the video of ‘We Love’ is to show listeners what is and has been happening. It shows people to be kind, care for the environment and each other, and be grateful for what you have. 

It’s really powerful! When I look at the album’s artwork, it seems like this release has some darker tones. Is there a central theme running through this album? If so, why did you choose it?

The theme of the album is about Artificial Intelligence, how it could help or potentially destroy humankind. I designed and chose this artwork mainly for the first song on this album, which is ‘Artificial Intelligence’. 

You have collaborated with a few people on this album. How was it working with each of them?

It was a very uplifting and exciting experience to have worked with various artists around the world. They understood my message and related to what I wanted to achieve. These artists were carefully chosen by myself and we had a fantastic working relationship.

That’s amazing. So, which of the tracks to you think will be favourites amongst listeners?

I feel ‘We Belong Together’ will be the most favoured track. It has a nice beat and a “happy vibe” to it. I am certain a lot of listeners will enjoy this track. ‘Short ‘n Sweet’ will have a following for its catchy melody and beat. ‘Polluted Planet’ has a very nice vibe as well. With warm basslines and a nice beat. I believe people who enjoy progressive trance and house music, will enjoy listening to ‘Polluted Planet’. 

Are you doing anything special for the release?

I have not arranged anything special for the release due to the current situations. I felt the release needed to be done during this period due to what we are all experiencing.


And how have you as an artist experienced the lockdown period?

Stressful, but eye-opening. I believe the lockdown has its pros and cons but has impacted everyone. The lockdown has been a very creative time for me. I took this time to work on and finish my album. I also like to paint. When I am stuck with ‘writer’s block’ I like to paint. This keeps the creativity flowing.

What else are you planning for this year? Perhaps a live online set or another video?

I am busy with a six-track EP. This EP will fall under the ‘Electronica’ genre. I am planning to broadcast a live stream with me playing the synths so that listeners can see how I make my music. I will be using various sounds and sound effects to create this EP.

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