Joe Preyer Releases Cheeky New Song ‘Lockdown Lover’

Joe Preyer releases new single

“Humans are affectionate creatures and we all need a bit of love and intimacy every now and then.” – Joe Preyer

Cape Town-based singer-songwriter Joe Preyer has just released a new single ‘Lockdown Lover’. The song was inspired by his friend who was trying to rekindle lost love during the lockdown. After writing the song, Joe was surprised to find out how many people have been reaching out to their ex-lovers during these times in an attempt to bring some intimacy and warmth into the lonely life that lockdown has created.

‘Lockdown Lover’ is laid-back with cheeky lyrics, making it the ideal song to lift the spirits during this uncertain time. So, whenever you miss someone (especially an ex) during the lockdown, turn the volume higher on this one.

Joe wrote, played and recorded all instrument parts of ‘Lockdown Lover’ by himself. The mixing and mastering were done by Willem Moller at Sharp Street Studio.

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About Joe Preyer

Joe Preyer has predominantly been a guitarist in bands, and ‘Lockdown Lover’ is the first time he is adding vocals to a track. He just returned from some world travels and now spends most of his free time in the sea, on the mountain or playing the guitar.

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