Josh Middleton Releases New Single

Josh Middleton

Get “Caught Up” in Josh Middleton’s latest single

“I find that juggling a music career, studying business and having a social life can be really tough especially when you’re in a relationship. Sometimes you just get caught up… Sometimes you just let that relationship slip.” – Josh Middleton 

South African singer-songwriter Josh Middleton has just released his latest single ‘Caught Up’ prior to the release of his upcoming album ‘A Mild Case of Insomnia’. ‘Caught Up’ is a fresh new offering which consists of everything South Africa is craving to hear, in a very electronic-intensive era. This is only a taste of what’s to come.

Josh Middleton

Josh wrote and produced ‘Caught Up’ alongside producer Crighton Goodwill of Good Noise Productions. The song is laced with foot-tapping bass and consists of an impossibly catchy hook that a true high-energy pop chorus should hold, including a vocal edge. The song takes you on a journey through musical lifts and falls. The listener can also truly connect emotionally with the relatable lyrics which offers a peek into the mind and heart of this soulful artist.

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