Manuvah to Land Releases New EP To Lift The Spirits

Manuvah to Land

South African underdogs Manuvah to Land forward their music revolution with ”Got This Feeling” EP

”When it comes to music, we have the freedom to express ourselves.”

Inspired by the current worldwide pandemic, Kwa-Zulu Natal rock-reggae act Manuvah to Land is back with new music to keep our spirits high. The boys from the sleepy surf-loving town Warner Beach on the South Coast have just announced their second release; A six-track EP ‘Got This Feeling’.

After supporting Jeremy Loops, BOO, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Finley Quay and Donovan Frankerieter when they toured in Durban, ‘Got This Feeling’ is the follow-up EP after their well-received debut album ‘Easy Living’ from 2010.  

The ‘Easy Living’ elements from the first album are still celebrated for its true and unique sound. With the new offering, they hope it is enjoyed in the same way. The EP showcases their diverse range of musical influences and highlights the progression of our craft.

The lead single ‘Got This Feeling’ from the EP is an introspective song written by lead vocalist Jason Graham about going with your gut and figuring things out you should have been taught on the fly. Jason was inspired to write this song while thinking about life and having the attitude of just getting on with things and doing what you gotta do to survive. He wanted to inspire others to have that positive feeling each day, whatever that feeling is.

Manuvah to Land

About Manuvah to Land

Formed in 2007, this four-piece band with their groovy island vibe style has carried on living their passion for making music. Through the years, they have always been seen as the underdog group in the Kwa-Zulu Natal music scene, but they have played some major stages including Splashy Fen and White Mountain Festival. Their song ‘Thousand Eyes’ was also the featured music on the Durban Tourism 2013 campaign.

With lead singer Jason Graham relocating to Australia with his family, the band are currently on hiatus. However, the boys have decided to push out new unreleased music featuring the full lineup. This includes Jason Graham on lead vocals & guitar, lead guitarist Durran Trevisan, drummer/percussionist Grant van der Linde and bassist James Harris.

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