Nick James & The Lords Release Debut Music Video

Nick James & The Lords

Nick James & The Lords release ‘Lockdown Sonnet’

Nick James has just released his debut single and music video, ‘Lockdown Sonnet’, bringing us a happy and hopeful song about the pressures and woes of a mindset many people share and are currently struggling with. This catchy indie-folk inspired song sets a simple tone that gradually builds, matching the growing frustration and chaos of the current situation.

The video for ‘Lockdown Sonnet’ was filmed and shot during the lockdown by local friend and artist Sam Bowker, to bring a home-made and genuine feel to something quite polarised, focusing on the simple enjoyments in life rather than the topic at hand. The single comes from his debut EP ‘Hope You’re Good’ which is set for release in late June. This offering will feature a wide array of sound, style and influence.

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About Nick James

Nick James is a Cape Town-based songwriter and performing artist whose sincere and clever lyric-driven work picks through genres with almost imperceptible ease while dropping truths about the gritty edges of the world today.

Nick James & The Lords

Formerly Awewolves from electro-rap group Ursus & Wolf, Nick has changed sound, style and direction with a refreshing take on indie folk/pop/rock, all of which had been a gradual shift.

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