Night Sky Zombies releases new single ‘Another Grace’

Night Sky Yombies singer

Night Sky Zombies announces first EP with single ‘Another Grace’

Cape Town-based alt-rock band Night Sky Zombies released the new single ‘Another Grace’ today, August 15. It is their first single off the upcoming EP called ‘Distance’.

The track is a product of the band’s latest recording sessions. It was an interesting project executed during the lockdown in their own home studios. Although not ideal, current circumstances did not stop the artists from enjoying the process. In April, they set up the home studios and started to collaborate online. Consequently, the theme of ‘Another Grace’ is isolation.

It was written by singer Brian Reid and guitarist Mark Cawood and mixing and mastering were done by the band. Similar to their previous work, the new song is also a mixture of acoustic and electronic alternative rock elements. Considering that all five band members participate in the creative process, we should expect a unique and colorful artwork (I am referring to both single and the EP).

Night Sky Zombies playing

Night Sky Zombies is a suburban alternative rock band from Cape Town. Although ‘Distance’ will be their first EP, these suburban alt-rockers are anything but newbies. For the last three years, they have been playing sold-out venues around Cape Town such as Cafe Roux and the Jack Black Tap Room. The band is also focused on charity work by hosting an annual fundraising show, raising over R 20 000 in the past.

Add ‘Another Grace’ to your playlist.

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