Nomadic Orchestra releases new single ‘Hitman’ and a live music video

Nomadic Orchestra

Nomadic Orchestra celebrates musicians on the hustle with ‘Hitman’ 

On their new single, Cape town-based brass dance band Nomadic Orchestra tells the story of every musician’s daily struggle to make money from their craft. With its one verse and lively instrumental, the band has succeeded in creating something energetic while still commenting on the tough side of the music industry.

“’Hitman’ is an ode to the street buskers, the underground artists and the musicians on the hustle in this industry and it is an overture that tries to capture the groove and energy that Nomadic Orchestra represents.” says Jono Pesto, one of the members who wrote the song. 

Having to work every day, rehearse, play the shows and record new material is not easy. As much as it is enjoyable, it is still is a job. So, it is often tough to see the industry rewarding only “hits”.

Like most of their music, ‘Hitman’ has an infectious beat. Under the influence of various genres, including Balkan and ska, combined with their jazz skills, they’ve created a groovy but unique piece of music. As Jono says, “’Hitman’, as I see it, is a clash between hip-hop, trap, Balkan and ska music styles.” 

The video for ‘Hitman’ consists of clips from a live performance. It matches what the single is about, while bringing back some memories of the good old days.

Watch ‘Hitman’

The song was recorded at the Cape Audio College. It was mixed by Jethro Harris and mastered by Vicente Espi. 

To get ‘Hitman’ click here.

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