An Interview With Pat McCay

Pat Mccay

Pat McCay talks about new album

Cape Town-based singer-songwriter Pat McCay recently released a new album, ‘Ready’. This album is a carefully created musical journey guided by intimate lyrics. I caught up with him to find out more about this new offering and his plans going forward.

First, congratulations on the new album! Tell me a bit about the process of putting this one together; How long did you work on it and who worked with you?

Thanks for the kind words! I wrote most of the songs while living in an ashram. I picked the strongest songs I had and manage to link with Dane Taylor and Freddie from Die Heuwels Fantasties. They really helped bring my songs to life. Dane and I got on super well together which translates in the tracks. ‘Ready‘ was the first track we recorded, Dane also helped with ‘For You‘, ‘It Was’ and ‘Father‘. ‘Shape Shifting‘ was the most collaborative effort between all of us. Freddy really did an amazing job with ‘Son’ and ‘Great‘. It was a crazy long process and took around two years in total. 

Wow! While listening to ‘Ready‘, I’ve noticed there are a lot of themes around a new journey or change. Can you elaborate a bit around this and why these themes are so prominent?   

My life was a mess for a long time. I spent a ton of time running away from pain and using substances to numb things out. I came out of my third treatment center in late 2016 for drug and alcohol addiction. There was lots going on for me at the time. Recovering from addiction, all the loss and drama that goes with it and the loss of my father. About a year later, I remember going to see some crazy chiropractor guy, he said to me “your body is working at half vitality, you are not inline with your purpose”, at the time I was involved in marketing as I had a lot of pain attached to music and in some ways had given up. He asked me what I was passionate about, I said music.. he said – GO do that! That was all the encouragement I needed to get back on it.  

Pat Mccay

That’s amazing! So, which song on this album is most special to you and why? 

The song ‘Son‘ hits me in the heart every time – it’s got the feels. I guess it best represents the emotion attached to my past and the transcendent nature of where I am now.

And can we expect a music video for any of the songs on ‘Ready‘ soon?

It’s in the pipeline, but right now I’m focusing mostly on other things.

What do you hope other listeners will take from this album?

To see their story in mine and in turn feel hope. The songs speak of hope and light.

You debuted 10 years ago, at that time, as Two Minute Puzzle. What has changed since then? And why did you decide to use your birth name now? 

So much has changed since those days. It’s been a journey of morphing and changing to find a groove that flows. I’ve always written all my songs, so it’s only true to put my name to them.

Pat Mccay

What are you currently working on?

Writing a lot, busy finishing up a website, looking at performance and live sets and how that’s gonna look.

Yes, of course! Hopefully sooner than later! What besides other artists and music inspires you to make music? 

Nature, new insights, the need to say what I think. There’s a quote from Jordan B. Peterson that says, “if we don’t say what we think we kill our unborn selves.” I think it’s important we say what we think no matter what the result is, because it creates space for growth.

So, where can we see you perform in the future? 

Well, I’m writing this from lockdown, so, quite honestly, I don’t know. Most probably the well-known Cape Town gig spots. We’ve also been talking about a South African tour this year.

That’s great. And lastly, what do you hope to do for the rest of 2020?

Love myself well and in turn love others.

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