Album Review: Pat McCay Releases ‘Ready’

Pat Mccay

Pat McCay releases new album

Pat McCay is back with a new album and a fresh lease on life.

Cape Town-based singer-songwriter Pat McCay is back with a new offering, ‘Ready’. This album is a carefully created musical journey guided by intimate lyrics. Armed with catchy beats and a beautiful, soothing voice, I believe this is Pat’s breakthrough work.  

The album opens strong with the title track. It’s an easy, though solid song with an infectious beat that instantly draws you in. I think it’s quite a fitting choice for the opening track; It’s as if Pat asks listeners if they’re ready to dive into this new journey with him. Without listening to the rest of the album, it’s clear that this one will be a favourite. Next up, ‘It Was’ is a faster song with the same type of foot-tapping beat. Like with ‘Ready’, it is an easy-to-listen-to number, but with more energy and a bigger rock ‘n’ roll influence. It has the potential to become a full-on rock song but it doesn’t, and this is perhaps the indication that Pat is on a lighter path with his music, for now. 

Pat Mccay

‘Shape Shifting’ and ‘Great’ are more laidback, downtempo tracks. Listening to the lyrics, ‘Shape Shifting’ is probably the track that says the most about the new journey Pat is on. I also think that this mostly indicates the theme of the album; Changing, transforming. It’s evident that this is a quite a personal album, and with the value of narrating personal experiences, it’s an honest offering. 

The album doesn’t progress in tempo or volume, but rather smoothly transitions through highs and lows. ‘For You’ slightly picks up the pace again with a finger-clapping, steady groove. There’s a determination in the tone that perhaps suggests his commitment to the new direction he is moving in. It balances the album out well, as it takes on a slower pace with the following two tracks. 

The softer, stripped-down ‘Son’ feels like a lullaby, and Pat brings a certain kind of vulnerability to the music with his voice. ‘Father’ follows, which is probably the most emotional track on the album with raw and honest lyrics. However, the stepped up-tempo allows it to not falter the continuous lighter mood of the music. The album ends with ‘Great’, a track that features stronger electronic elements which are blended with guitar and drums to produce a beautifully dreamy song. 

Pat Mccay

Even though there are a few slightly heavier topics on ‘Ready’, and a certain level of honest introspection, the mostly upbeat nature of it makes it a catchy, effortless album. Musically it is a safe offering, but a solid start to what may come. ‘Ready’ has only seven tracks, but it’s brevity does not limit Pat; He subtly showcases his versatility.

Overall, ‘Ready’ is a well-produced album. I’ll be surprised if it is not swept up by radio stations in the coming months, especially with tracks such as ‘Ready’ and ‘Great’. Just like the title, Pat is ready to take on the South African music scene with a fresh lease on life. Be sure to keep an eye on his progress and catch him on a stage near you. 

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1 Ready 
2 It Was
3 Shape Shifting
4 For You
5 Son
6 Father
7 Great

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